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Last Modified Date: November 10, 2019
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  • We are politically and religiously neutral. If you find references to any political or religious content, it is present to you only for the purposes of entertainment and it does not present our ideas and beliefs about it.
  • In order to maintain and run this platform, we might use ads from ad networks. The content from ads is not governed and controlled by us in any way except its placement area on our website.
  • We reserve rights to update, manage and delete any user-generated content.
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  • In any case, website moderators, managers and owner cannot be held liable for any loss and damage.
  • By utilizing our services, you give us consent to use your data and information to improve our processes and services.
  • Using our website and services doesn’t entitle you, any right of ownership of that product, service, code, design or the content used in it. You can benefit from it to the extent, permitted by us and the law. Furthermore, its ownership is retained by us, unless we sold it explicitly. Any third-party library, content, tooling and system used to provide you with our services, is not owned by us and is credited to, its author and creator. If anything requires a license to use it in our services, you are required to purchase the license, to that facility, first.
  • By providing us with email, phone number and other means of communication you agree to receive promotional and other content by us.
  • In case of legal activities by you or against you, relative legal expenses (like court fee, lawyer fee and others) and losses will be paid by you in full.
  • We provide no warranty for the website and its content.
  • We reserve the right to suspend our services at any time without prior notice and reason.