You are Fired! Chinese Web Novel

You are Fired!

Bai Duanduan fell in love with a man at the first line outside the restaurant at first sight. The other party’s eyes were deep and cold, and even a slight frown looked like a fairy.

She decided to take the initiative to attack, and in the face of her request to exchange numbers, the other party smiled charmingly, and then—

This handsome man took Baiduanduan’s equal number and exchanged the number he just picked for her. “Oh, number 89, it’s coming soon, and my number 250 will be changed for you.”


The other person smiled softly: “Thank you.”


The second encounter, the unbending Bai Duanduan decided to make persistent efforts,
But while preparing to talk, the other party answered the phone–

“Who is the other party’s lawyer? Bai Duanduan? Want to reconcile? Dreaming.”

“There are no cases and executives that I can’t win in Ji Lin.”

WTF! Have you blindly watched the famous wonderful Jilin in the legal circle? !

Other wise known as 你被开除了!

Novel Details
Type Chinese Web Novel
Status Completed
Author Ye Feiran
Alternative Title 你被开除了!
Total Chapters 88
Total Views 0
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Tags Romance Recommended Top Rated Editor's Pick Web Novel Complete Chinese


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