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Chapter 3063

The Grand Finale (30)

8 months ago 43203 readers Chapter 3063 / 3069

Translator:EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor:EndlessFantasy Translation

Dozen of vicious eyes continued to linger on them, but Gu Xijiu remained nonchalant.

The group of demonic ladies then fixed their eyes on Di Fuyi and softly said, “Fuyi, I did not know that you are the Master of the Heavenly Law. Fan Qianshi never mentioned a word about it!”

Oddly only one voice was heard, even though all of them were talking. The hidden bitterness in her voice echoed in everyone’s ears.

About a hundred volunteers showed up. More than half were men. Although they had seen many beautiful women before, the lady’s charm remained irresistible. Her voice still managed to play tricks on their minds and misled them with an overwhelming sentiment to sympathize with her.

Only Di Fuyi remained calm. His fingers moved in swift motions to start gathering seven-colored rays on his palm.

“Fuyi, now that you have awakened to your hidden identity, I assume that you have also recalled your memory. You should be guilty of breaking up our relationship as master and disciple. My immortalization would not have come so soon if you had not been so stubborn.” The lady in white stared at him tearfully and continued, “Are you going to hurt me again?” She expressed her bitterness over what Di Fuyi had done.

Misled by her psychological tricks, many sympathized with her difficult situation. Something had clearly gone terribly wrong at this point. These men had experienced many different tricks in their lives, both physiologically and strategically. They knew that their mood was not stable, but they could not control the sympathy that they had for the lady’s sufferings.

The lady started to cry, which prompted some of the men to cry along as well. Those with weaker mental strength could not escape their fate of being manipulated. Uncontrollably, they began interceding with Di Fuyi on the lady’s behalf.

Di Fuyi looked at the ladies fixedly, feigning indifference. The seven-colored ray in his palm seemed to have grown weaker.

At that time, the group of ladies took a chance and stepped forward. “Fuyi, are you going to let history repeat itself? Are you going to kill me once more?”

Although quiet at first, Di Fuyi finally answered, “I am not going to kill you just once.” This was the first statement that he made as the Master of the Heavenly Law. Instead of sounding threatening, he spoke in avery soft-spoken and courteous manner. Gu Xijiu’s heart skipped a beat when she heard him speaking with such a gentle, quiet voice.

“Fuyi, I knew it,” the ladies responded delightfully.

To their disappointment, a dozen streaks of seven-colored rays were abruptly launched at the ladies, all at once. It was an improvised attack that the ladies did not see coming. Meanwhile, Di Fuyi’s firm voice could be heard echoing in the air, “I am going to kill you a dozen times!”

The dazzling streaks of light surrounded the ladies in a brilliant bubble. They started shrieking in agony, almost instantaneously. Instead of sounding like a woman, their long, high-pitched cries were actually a combination of sounds from many different men and women. The deafening noise came as a wake-up call for all the immortals that were initially manipulated.

As soon as the seven-colored light faded away, the group of ladies disappeared as well.

Nevertheless, the shrieks from before had sent cold chills down everyone’s spine. Finally, they were fully conscious.

Di Fuyi did not stop. With a spell, he turned streaks of seven-colored rays into countless shinning knives. With his instruction, the knives seemed to cut their way deep into the depths of the desert.

The crowd noticed that the violent storm began to lose its power as if the penetrating knives had punctured it.

“Di Fuyi, you are such a callous man!” A lady could be heard screaming from within the desert with a voice filled with both bitterness and anger.

“I have always been insensitive and cruel, haven’t you known?” Di Fuyi immediately cast another spell. “Don’t bother taking up more forms of your same old self. No matter how many show up, I will destroy them all.”

He then waved at the turbulent storms and tore the desert apart, revealing the resentful spirits within that were moving violently in a circular motion.

Everyone could finally see what the desert actually looked like from the inside. It was all but a horrifying sight. They had never seen so many resentful spirits at once.

The presence of the spirits caused the surrounding temperature to drop sharply, thus freezing everything and everyone who was standing in close proximity. Therefore, the immortals quickly cast a protective layer to keep the cold away. Right after the layer was made, it was instantaneously turned into ice, showing how close they were to become an ice sculpture.

Before the desert was torn apart to reveal what was inside, the whole place was as hot as a frying pan. In fact, the heat was unbearable. But now, it wasso cold that even the immortals kept shivering.

It was not the kind of cold that they had experienced during the winter. The temperature here was piercing cold to the point where even the Monster King had to take out a big fur coat to keep himself warm. Everyone else did the same.

Unfortunately, the mussel’s shells were not enough to keep the cold away. “Cold. So cold,” it said in a trembling voice.

A thick coat was sent over to the mussel to wrap it up comfortably, and soon enough, the mussel was no longer feeling cold. It raised its head from the coat, only to realize that Gu Xijiu and Di Fuyi were both gone.

“Master!” It was puzzled and worried.

Long Siye explained, “Don’t worry. She is now in the desert, along with the Master of the Heavenly Law.”

“We just escaped from the desert, right? Are they heading back in?” The mussel could not believe it.

Long Siye sighed. “This time, we have the Master of the Heavenly Law with us.”

In the desert, the crazy heat was long gone. It was more like a desolate area of ice. The turbulent sands were all frozen into odd shapes and sizes. The air was piercing cold as if every droplet of water vapor in the air was already turned into tiny bits of ice.

Nevertheless, the spirits were still out to haunt them. Everywhere they looked was filled with eerie and ghostly figures. It was a rather appalling sight. These ghosts traveled at inconsistent paces and hid among the ice statue while waiting for an opportunity to ambush their prey.

Overall, it was a very strange and frightening place. Gu Xijiu could tell that the extreme cold was enough to pierce through any ordinary person’s flesh and bones, but she was unaffected, for there was a steady flow of heat circulating in her body.

Di Fuyi took her hand in a steady grasp and transferred some heat into her body to keep her warm even at the extremely low temperature of the place. The two had not interacted much ever since he recalled his identity.

Gu Xijiu was only standing next to him, but he never even looked at her; he did not even utter a word despite their new surrounding. To be fair, there was no time for small talk, so Gu Xijiu did not blame Di Fuyi for their lack of interaction.

Nonetheless, she could tell that he was no longer the same man. Although he still looked the same, his aura and temperament had completely changed. Standing next to him made her feel insignificant.Naturally, she could feel the distance between them.

Before he went into the desert, he finally talked to her for the first time. “Wait for me here,” he said. He then leaped and disappeared into the storms. However, instead of waiting, Gu Xijiu chose to follow him.

There was nothing much to deal with on the outside of the desert, so she wanted to stay by his side, even in times of great danger. She knew that the demon was not going to be easy to deal with.

The desert was unexpectedly cold to the point where she almostbecame frozen. Luckily, Di Fuyi showed up in time to give her warmth. “Why didn’t you listen to me?”

He sounded a little helpless about her stubbornness. At least, the way he spoke to her was still the same.

“I was worried about your safety since you are in the desert alone,” Gu Xijiu replied calmly.

She did not want Di Fuyi to perish together with the demon andrefused to see him getting immortalized again. The wait was too long for her to take.

She needed to follow him and make sure that he stayed safe. Even if she could not help during the battle, she could at least fight with him or die together with him.

Di Fuyi could tell how worried she was and tried to assure her. “No worries.” He gave her hand a tight squeeze. She had yet to find out how powerful he had become, so it was normal for her to feel worried.

The airflow in the desert was as rough as the violent seas. The two shuddered a little as soon as they entered the turbulence, but they continued to walk past the masses of resentful spirits. From afar, they looked like they were traveling on a small boat that was holding out against strong winds. Nevertheless, the intense gusts of wind seemed to be about to overturn their boat anytime.

As steady as he could ever be, Di Fuyi stood up against the gusts without the slightest doubt. The resentful spirits were actually intimidated by his holy presence, so all of them kept a fair distance from him.

“Come out!” Di Fuyi had a spell ready at his fingertips before he challenged the demon. “There is no way you can hide!”

No one answered, and all they could hear were the piercing cries of the evil spirits.

Many pairs of vicious eyes were staring fixedly at Gu Xijiu, making her skin creep with horror and disgust.

Needless to say, the demon must be hiding in a group of resentful spirits while waiting for a chance to launch a deadly attack.

Amused by her lack of response, Di Fuyi smiled a charming smile and continued, “All right, I shall look for you then.”

From a distance, he waved his hand and aimed a streak of seven-colored rays towards an ice rock.

“Ah!” A loud squealing sound followed the collision. Instantaneously, the lady in white finally made her appearance.

She made a graceful landing even though her eyes were fixed on Di Fuyi. “Fuyi, are you really pushing me to the edge?” She said in a trembling voice as if pleading for mercy.

Unconvinced, Di Fuyi slowly answered, “Certainly. Why should I have any mercy for you?”

“Fuyi, have you not recovered your memory? You wanted to marry me back then.”

Di Fuyi denied it, “Hmm? Did I want to marry you? Are you sure you are not dreaming?”

The lady in white made a sharp hissing sound of disapproval. Gu Xijiu was quite surprised by Di Fuyi’s response as well. She started to think that he might not have recalled all of his memory yet, even though he had become the man he once was.

While she was still a bit preoccupied, she could feel a strong rush of wind coming at her. Apparently, the place was literally a mess of endless turbulences.

All of a sudden, she felt a gust of wind surrounding her. She used a simple spell to try and keep the gust away, but to her surprise, Di Fuyi suddenly interrupted and pulled her back. He then reached out to trap the gust in a bubble of seven-colored ray, like an enclosure.

At that very moment, the sound of a lady moaning in despair could be heard. It did not take long before the lady in white showed up again!

Everything happened too quickly to be perceived. In disbelief, Gu Xijiu took a look at the two identical ladies. She then pointed at the one that showed up later and said, “You are the demon!”

The lady who showed up later seemed puzzled. “How did you find out?” She demanded an answer.

The lady who showed up first was only one of the many forms that she had created by manipulating a resentful spirit that looked similar to her. For many years, the demon had been using that particular spirit to confuse people. No one had ever told them apart because they looked almost alike.

This time, the demon asked the spirit to show up first to distract Di Fuyi so that she could transform into a gust of wind and approach Gu Xijiu sneakily in an attempt to steal her body. Never had she thought that Di Fuyi would bust her plan!

Di Fuyi’s seven-colored ray had obviously injured the demon. Blood was seen slowly tracing down her chin from the corner of her mouth.

“Di Fuyi, you are such a heartless man,” she said while trembling with terror. Soon, the look in her eyes started to fill with rage. “Have you really forgotten it all?”

Di Fuyi remained indifferent to her emotional appeal. “I remember, but you are not the one,” he firmly replied.

His hand never let go of Gu Xijiu’s hand. “She is the one.”

“But she does not remember you! A part of her was in love with you, but she forcefully tore it apart from her body, which explains the origin of my very existence. She does not remember loving you, but I do! I have been waiting for you to come!” The demon exclaimed. Her emotions were visible and heartfelt.

Unconvinced, Di Fuyi studied the lady in white before giving her a clear sign of disapproval. “So what if you remember everything? You are not who she is! You are just a small part of her that used to be her demon. You do not even have her soul. Your appearance now is actually a mixture of 18 different spirits that are forged into one. Did you really think that I would never find out?”

The lady in white was speechless.

Di Fuyi gave his sleeve a flick and continued, “Stop this nonsense. Show me what you can do. I would like to see how powerful you really are!”

Gu Xijiu was standing on top of a block of ice whilst surrounded by a layer of auspicious light. The halo around her was recently gifted to her by Di Fuyi to keep the evil spirits and the demon away from her.

She watched as Di Fuyi and the lady started engaging in a fight, and after a few rounds, she could finally be at ease.

Ever since Di Fuyi became the Master of the Heavenly Law, his power had been increased by at least a hundred times. His improvement was so impressive that it was as if comparing the volume of a river to that of an ocean. In short, his power was now as tremendous as an ocean!

The demon had no chance of defeating him at all. She would surely lose the fight, sooner or later.

Di Fuyi stood casually and only moved his fingers. Instead of engaging in a physical battle, he only used spells in his combat. It was as carefree as a game of chess to the man.

Glimpses of seven-colored rays turned into many starlights that surrounded the demon within a walled enclosure. There was no chance for her to even run, and the demon clearly started to regret her decision.

Even with all of her power, she still could not defend herself against Di Fuyi’s aggressive attack. Every time the light particles hit her body, she felt as if her soul was tearing apart, which put her in excruciating pain.

Regardless of her tactics, he remained unharmed; he was literally unaffected at all. She, too, came to an inescapable conclusion that she was losing the fight, slowly but surely. Even though she wanted to escape, there was nowhere that she could run to because of the light particles used by Di Fuyi.

These light particles were engraved with ancient incantations, so every time a particle hit her, it would leave a bloodstain on her body, which would eventually turn black and fade into wisps of black smoke.

The fight did not last longer than an hour, and Di Fuyi finally stopped attacking her. The demon could no longer hold her own.

She was soaked entirely in blood as if she had just been scooped out of a pool of blood. Her body was already scalded and skinned, turning her into a faint, nebulous image that flickered in the wind. The woman looked so fragile that it seemed as though she would be blown away even by the slightest gust of wind.

Her face was starting to look blurry, and she appeared to be in her primitive form – the ghost of the former God of Creation’s unfulfilled dreams.

Venerated Venomous Consort

In a modern world, a professional assassin was murdered by her beloved and found herself revived in an ancient world as a general’s daughter with a weak physique. She was engaged to a prince, but because she did not have a nice appearance, her fiancé and sister attempted to kill her. Although she had to struggle to survive, there were also those who unconditionally loves her that supported her in her time of need.

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