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Chapter 3062

The Grand Finale (29)

8 months ago 43203 readers Chapter 3062 / 3069

Translator:EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor:EndlessFantasy Translation

The group began to get nervous as what happened next was even more threatening. In a high-pitched screech, the ladies in white laughed out loud before circling their bodies to summon a black storm. The black storm contained countless evil spirits in their core, which were used to counter the streaks of seven-colored rays. In a dispersed manner, the storm tried to get rid of the seven-colored rays from all directions.

All it took was an hour for the grand battle to come to an end.

There were 81 array formations, respectively, and the black storm destroyed about half. Luckily, Di Fuyi and Gu Xijiu’s wizardry barrier was a timely help. Otherwise, more than half of their forces would be sacrificed. Even with their help, a dozen of immortals were still lost in the battle, taken away by the storm to join the resentful spirits.

The array was falling apart, so his last and final resort was proven to be useless against the demon. Aghast with terror, Fan Qianshi fixed his eyes on the ladies in white, who were now laughing arrogantly at his failure. Furiously, he clenched his fists tightly.

The demon had been anticipating his every move. Everything she did was targeted at his plans. Apparently, he had underestimated the demon’s capability as a wheeler-dealer.

The immortals were enraged by Fan Qianshi’s failure. They rose to a clamor to express their doubts and disapprovals, especially the Monster King. He had never approved of the pretty boy who had suggested this plan. Now that it failed, he and his men took the chance to insult Fan Qianshi. Their words were cruel and hurtful.

Hua Yan was standing not too far away. Triggered by the awful comments, she wanted to give the Monster King a hard slap on the face.

Fan Qianshi saw it coming and cast a spell on her to put her body in a frozen state.Shocked, she looked at Fan Qianshi in astonishment. The man said to her, “Are you an idiot? I have already told you so many times that my business is none of your business anymore! I am no longer your master!” He made his announcement in public for everyone to hear.

Many curious eyes lingered on Hua Yan. Her face turned red in embarrassment as she struggled to take a step back. “I…” She stammered in her defense.

Long Siye could not take the harassment anymore. He stood up for her. “Fan Qianshi, she is doing it for you!”

“I do not need it,” Fan Qianshi icily said. “She is only a tool that is no longer useful to me. Why should she interfere with my business anymore?”

Long Siye was clearly annoyed by his lack of compassion. The mussel became enraged as well as it was very against bullying, especially against women.It opened its shells and was ready to scold Fan Qianshi for his unacceptably bad behavior. Surprisingly, Gu Xijiu was the one who held it back. “Master?” It was perplexed by her decision.

“Master, I know that you never liked Wu Wuyan as a person. She has done many terrible and awful things to you, but Fan Qianshi’s behavior is totally unacceptable. Wu Wuyan has been so loyal to him, and yet this is how terribly she is mistreated in return,” it sent a directed audio to Gu Xijiu.

“Fan Qianshi is trying to help her,” Gu Xijiu calmly replied via directed audio.


“Fan Qianshi has committed far too many unforgivable sins. Destroying the ferocious desert is a matter of the utmost importance, so he is safe, for now. Once the desert is destroyed, they will surely put him to justice. Troubles will keep coming for him, for sure. If Wu Wuyan still insists on being his loyal follower, she will be troubled just the same,” Gu Xijiu explained.

The mussel did not understand the logic in Fan Qianshi’s effort, but it decided not to commit any impulsive act. “Human beings are so complicated. I can never understand your species.”

Quietly, it observed the people around and realized that Gu Xijiu was right. When Hua Yan declared herself as Fan Qianshi’s follower, many immortals from the Celestial Kingdom immediately kept a distance from her. Everyone had their guard up except Long Siye.

Fan Qianshi’s public humiliation managed to change everyone’s attitude towards Hua Yan. In fact, many started to feel protective of her.Hua Yan had never committed any crimes during her time in the Upper Bound. Instead, she had saved many lives, which made her a well-respected figure.

The way Fan Qianshi treated her was obviously repulsive and more like a stranger than a follower. She must have done many things against Fan Qianshi’s direct orders. Otherwise, he would not be humiliating her in front of everyone. At least, that was what everybody thought. Soon, they began to sympathize with Hua Yan’s predicament instead.

Surely, there was no time to waste on this trivial matter, for the demon was already summoning her second wave of attack. The first wave was like a test for the demon to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the array formation. Meanwhile, the second wave was much stronger and fiercer. It flurried through the array formation and shattered the entire arrangement.

After a state of complete disorder and confusion, the desert finally broke free from its confinement and started expanding again with forces that were ten times stronger than before. It went completely out of control.

The immortals were all terribly defeated and could no longer care about keeping the desert under control. Like a bunch of helpless prey, they decided to run for their lives.

Indulged in the chaos, the demon could not suppress her triumphant smile. “Fan Qianshi, did you really think that you could defeat me? You have brought me into this purgatory and turned me into an unstoppable disaster that will eventually consume the six worlds. You planned to keep Di Fuyi imprisoned with my help, but you also planned to sacrifice me at the end of your heroic act. Do you still want to rule the six worlds? I am here to tell you that you do not stand a chance!”

The demon intended to damage Fan Qianshi’s reputation by revealing his sins.The immortals clearly heard everything that the demon said and finally understood what Fan Qianshi had been up to. Frustrated, they never thought that the well-respected Creation Deity would commit such crimes. However, there was no time for blaming.

There was a major city about a few hundred miles away. All it took for the frantic sandstorm was a few minutes to approach the city. It would soon engulf the entire place.

Most of the inhabitants were still trapped in the city when the storm came into sight. They cried out loud with the dawning recognition that their deaths were indeed inevitable.

The immortals could only watch helplessly as the violent storms approached the city. Hundreds of thousands of lives would surely be swallowed. They were greatly saddened, but helpless about their misfortune.

With a feeling of great distress, the Emperor Immortal finally acknowledged their defeat. The disaster was certain to happen. Not even the Creation Deity could undo the harm. Furthermore, both the Divine Lord and the Great Devil were absent. Perhaps their presence would shed some hopeful light in their time of misery.

He took a quick look at Di Fuyi. The boy was still a boy, in his opinion. He was still Shen Nianmo, the son of the Celestial Being and Great Devil. Although his Kung Fu was exceedingly powerful, he was only a boy. The Emperor Immortal did really expect Di Fuyi to turn the situation around. All he hoped for was the boy’s safety.

But what he saw was not what he had in his mind. Utterly shocked, he could not comprehend the event that was going to unfold.

Di Fuyi refused to run. He was still floating in the air and peacefully meditating. His wife, Gu Xijiu, continued to stand by his side when the black storm swallowed them both. Absolutely worried, the Emperor Immortal forgot how dangerous it was and was about to rush forward to help. “Prince Nianmo!”

Prince Nianmo was the only son of the Divine Lord and Great Devil. The Emperor Immortal felt that he was responsible if anything were to happen to him. Nevertheless, the Emperor Immortal’s escorts were loyal. They would definitely not let their king sacrifice his life in vain. “Your Majesty! It is too dangerous! No!” Many of them were pulling him back.

“Get Prince Nianmo out of there!” The Emperor Immortal called out in desperation.

The immortals looked at the rolls of black sands hopelessly and sighed. “Your Majesty, Prince Nianmo has been swallowed by the sandstorm. He probably did not make it.”

These black sands continued to march towards the city’s gate. The barricades would definitely be crushed under the savagely fierce storms, and the city’s defense mechanism would not stand a chance against the violent disturbance.

The Emperor Immortal closed his eyes to avoid watching the depressing sight. Only a miracle could save the lives of those innocent people.

A moment later, his surroundings fell into a drop-dead silence. There was no screaming for help as he had expected as the storm of black sand came to a halt. His breathing was the only sound that he could hear.

Curiously, the Emperor Immortal quickly opened his eyes and saw something unforgettable. The rolls of black sands had simply come to a stop when in contact with a seven-colored wizardry barrier. The barrier was connected from the ground all the way into the sky. Though thin, it was powerful enough to put the violent storm to a stop.

In a loud, squealing sound, the resentful spirits tried to break the barrier, but the seven-colored wizardry barrier remained unaffected at all.

On the high end of the wizardry barrier stood a man. His purple robes were as dazzling as the sun, filling the sky with blinding streaks of light. Auspiciously, the man stood in a halo that clearly represented his divine powers. They could not see his face but could certainly feel his powerful auspicious aura.

The Emperor Immortal kneeled before him in the clouds, and everyone else did the same and bowed to the powerful man. Shocked, even the common people joined in and bowed to the man of divine powers.

The Monster King caught the sight of the man while he was running away. The man’s face was not clearly shown, but his power as a deity was unmistakable. His legs went jelly, and he almost lost his balance as he kneeled before the man of great power and influence.

“It is… It is…”

“The Master of the Heavenly Law!”

“It is the Master of the Heavenly Law!”

Not many had seen the man before, but they just knew it as soon as they saw his halo of divinity.

The Emperor Immortal took a while to recognize the man in the dazzling light. Of course, the sudden realization came as a shocking one. He could tell that the man was, in fact, Prince Nianmo, but he could no longer look at him the same way.

The man had the same appearance as Prince Nianmo, but his aura was totally different. As the Master of the Heavenly Law, he was given the absolute power to govern the life and death of all beings; basically, he was omnipotent and benevolent.

There he stood, gracefully. A simple spell was enough for him to summon a wizardry barrier and shelter all the living beings in the city from the unfair torment. In a halt, the rolling black storms were kept out of reach.

Utterly shocked, the Monster King gasped in disbelief. Never had he thought that the pretty boy that he disdained would turn out to be the Master of the Heavenly Law. It seemed he finally awoke to his true self!

The Monster King still could not believe that he just had a fight with the Master of the Heavenly Law!!! He was quite ashamed of his bruises, but now the defeat was more of an honor than an embarrassment.

The Master of the Heavenly Law’s powerful presence gave everyone a new sense of hope. The legendary man showed up unexpectedly in times when he was needed the most. The crowd now felt that the demonic lady in the desert was hardly his match.

Many curious eyes turned to the desert while waiting for the lady to show up.

Meanwhile, Fan Qianshi stood in the corner and looked at Di Fuyi with a dampened spirit. He never thought that Di Fuyi would be restored to his position so soon.

He looked at Gu Xijiu fixedly, who was now standing next to Di Fuyi. In the halo, they stood by each other, side by side. Even without regaining her power as the Creation Deity, her divinity was present. They looked perfectly matched for one another.

The core of the desert was still actively generating power, but there was no way for it to move forward, for the wizardry barrier had totally got in its way.

Soon, a dozen more ladies in white showed up at the very edge of the frantic desert. They looked the same as before. The look in their eyes was vicious and deadly as they continued to stare at the two divine figures that had clearly interrupted their business.

Venerated Venomous Consort

In a modern world, a professional assassin was murdered by her beloved and found herself revived in an ancient world as a general’s daughter with a weak physique. She was engaged to a prince, but because she did not have a nice appearance, her fiancé and sister attempted to kill her. Although she had to struggle to survive, there were also those who unconditionally loves her that supported her in her time of need.

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