Chapter 3057 The Grand Finale (24)

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While it was still trying hard to recall who had helped it, the black candle dragon approached it with a look of utter disbelief. “Are you really Little Pink?”

Little Pink could not help but roll its eyes. “As real as I can ever be.”

Little Black was crushed. The sudden revelation saddened it. “When did you become so hideous? I much prefer the chubby version of you!”

“Get away from me!” Little Pink gave it a hard slap on the face.

On the outside of the wizardry barrier, the lady in white made her appearance again in the mass of resentful evil spirits. She took a look at the pink candle dragon and then at Gu Xijiu, with eyes full of loath and disgust. “I see. That useless candle dragon has gone off and recognized you as its master instead of me. I have never done it any wrong and kept it alive for so long, yet it chose to betray me. Damn it!”

“She is my master! She has always been! You are not. You are just an evil being formed from countless resentful spirits. You were never the Creation Deity! And when exactly have you ever treated me well? You have confined me in this hell of a place for thousands and thousands of years to be scorched and burned under the sun. I would have rather been dead!” The pink candle dragon called the demon out loud for all the mistreatments and injustice that it had suffered throughout the years.

The lady in white was awfully offended based on the expression on her face. “I wanted to keep you alive, little creature. However, that seems unnecessary now. You are going to die, like the rest of them,” she scornfully replied.

Then, she waved her hands to summon the evil spirits to attack all of them. They crowded together and surrounded the wizardry barrier in a violent assault.

It seemed that some sort of dark magic must have strengthened these evil spirits, making them extraordinarily fierce and violent. Each of them appeared to be as powerful as a Mighty Immortal now. Also, they did not fear death.

Di Fuyi’s wizardry barrier was supposed to be corrosive to those spirits. A single touch would burn them away immediately. However, they did not back down at all. In a continuous motion, they attacked the wizardry barrier in an attempt to shatter it.

Although the wizardry barrier was unaffected by the impact, their evil aura seemed to be stripping the wizardry barrier of its defense. Every touch on the barrier would turn an evil spirit into dust. The wizardry barrier, in turn, would be polluted with many dark spots as soon as the spirits disappeared. These dark spots continued to accumulate on the outer surface, slowly decaying the wizardry barrier’s stability.

As soon as Gu Xijiu’s returned to her physical body, her power was greatly increased. Seeing Di Fuyi’s remarkable perseverance, even in the face of extreme difficulty, prompted her to join forces.

In an instant, the wizardry barrier was finally secured. Nevertheless, the two of them knew that this was no solution. They would be exhausted eventually, and it seemed that the evil spirits would still be coming at them.

“We need to get out of here,” Gu Xijiu said in all seriousness. Harshly, she threw the surrounding evil spirits a quick look and announced, “These things will either have to be purified or destroyed!”

Di Fuyi calmly replied, “There are too many of them. Their resentment is too strong to be purified. They have to be destroyed.”

Gu Xijiu took a moment to consider a plan with the highest chance of success. These resentful spirits were ordinary people who were unfortunately swallowed and savagely killed by the storm, thus turning them evil. They did not even have a chance to be redeemed from their purgatory.

Knowing Di Fuyi, he would not suggest destroying the spirits if he had a choice. Hence, destroying the spirits seemed like the only way.

All of a sudden, she was reminded of Fan Qianshi. She had no memory of her previous life. The images reminded her of their previous relationship as master and disciple, and how well she had treasured him as her successor. Even in her dying days, she strived to build his future for him. Knowing her past gave her a sense of confusion about Fan Qianshi. She turned around and asked the group about his whereabouts, “Fan Qianshi! Have any of you seen him?”

The group shook their heads in unison. Additionally, the mussel exclaimed in a fury, “He is the worst! He will surely join forces with that evil woman!”

“That is not possible,” Gu Xijiu said after thoughtful consideration.

Meanwhile, an explosion broke out dramatically! It appeared as if the sky was falling!The violent incident shook the masses of resentful spirits as a figure flashed by and made a surprise entrance. “Let’s go now! Get out of here!”

Gu Xijiu was shocked. Fan Qianshi had made his way to their rescue!

The heavily obscured sky suddenly became bright again while a whirling mass of air streamed all the way down from above, making it look like a milky way against the dark background.

Di Fuyi had the wit to realize that the only way out was up. Before Fan Qianshi even made any instruction, he was already leading the group up while still securing the wizardry barrier.

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