Chapter 3056 The Grand Finale (23)

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“The man is turning away from the dark side? How can an evil man like him turn away from his roots all of a sudden?” The mussel refused to believe Di Fuyi.

Long Siye paused to give Hua Yan a quick look. He thought that the mussel’s harsh statement would anger her, but she just stood there quietly like a statue.

She must have gone through a really tough time under Fan Qianshi, so now that she was finally free, there was no point in standing by him anymore.

Meanwhile, the mussel had abused Fan Qianshi enough for today, so it looked around in search of another victim. “The demon must be hiding here somewhere. What is the point of sending this crowd of horrible spirits to surround us?

Amused, someone answered with a screeching voice from afar, “What a disrespectful creature! Why should I need to hide from you?”

Ghastly, the eerie laughter was so loud and clear that it was impossible for them to even hear from the evil spirits at the time.

Stunned, the mussel looked around anxiously. “Where did that voice come from?”

“There she is!” Lu Wu pointed its claw in a particular direction.

The crowd looked in the direction and saw many evil spirits seemingly coagulating into one, thus transforming into the evil woman. She still had the same appearance as before but was surrounded with even more dark energy. She looked at them ruthlessly, as if she was eager to take their souls away.

“You are all here! Great! That saves me a lot of time.”

Suddenly, gusts of wind whispered from above before a pink figure flew down from the sky. It made an epic landing on the ground and crushed the wicked woman into pieces!

“Bam!” The lady’s body was torn into pieces of evil spirits.

The pink figure then leaped into action again and checked its new surroundings. Gu Xijiu was the first one that caught its attention. “Master!” It called out loud as it rushed to her.

Little Pink was actually a very beautiful candle dragon; it was about 80 feet long. Dazzlingly, its scales were luminous and glowed from within. Its eyes were dreamy and filled with an attractive hue of blue, as sparkling as a vast blue river.

Awestruck, the black candle dragon looked at Little Pink in disbelief.

“Master, I am Little Pink!” The pink candle dragon brought itself right in front of the wizardry barrier while fixing its delightful eyes on Gu Xijiu.

As strange as it seemed, the evil spirits lost their ferocity all of a sudden when the pink candle dragon came by. In fact, they appeared to be scared. They ceased their attack, and instead, they made way for it to come through.

Gu Xijiu was astonished at the sight of the creature. She would not usually trust anyone, but she chose to believe the pink candle dragon, despite its new appearance. “Little Pink!” She called out familiarly, with a hint of sadness.

Di Fuyi studied her expression before letting the pink candle dragon in. She somehow thought that someone else should be here with the pink candle dragon, but could not recall who he or she was. All she knew was that her heart was moved by great sorrow. After a moment of deep thought, she asked, “Little Pink, how did you become so beautiful all of a sudden?”

“Perhaps the removal of evil energy from my body has done me a great deal. Years of immersing myselfin evil energy had changed my appearance.”

“Who removed the evil energy for you?” Little Pink was trapped in the desert for many years, and yet it could never remove the evil energy on its own. Someone must have helped.

Gu Xijiu was straight to the point, and Little Pink was dumbfounded by the question. It knew that someone helped it but could not remember who.

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