Chapter 3043 The Grand Finale (10)

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The only way to describe the current situation was chaotic!

Fortunately, the mussel had a quick mouth, so it was able to convey the entire situation outside in a matter of minutes.It turned out that when things got out of control, the mussel had been swept away by a massive vortex from the desert!

That vortex seemed to shatter everything into dust and absorbed the mussel into its grasp. Inside, it happened to meet Long Siye and Hua Yan.

Hua Yan and Long Siye teamed up to set up a wizardry barrier to protect the people and the beasts who got sucked in, but they could not find a way to escape.

Meanwhile, they watched the other people who got caught turn into dust. Everything had happened in less than half a minute, and by then, the wizardry barrier that was supporting them seemed to be in jeopardy. Just when it was about to burst, a candle dragon came into the whirlpool.

This candle dragon immediately protected itself using its own wizardry barrier but continued to roll around inside. Moments later, they found themselves inside the desert. At that time, the candle dragon was too tired to move and lay on the ground.

Long Siye and Hua Yan were also exhausted and could barely move.

In the desert, the howling winds like knives while the sand was like bullets. The pain was getting unbearable, and there was no place to hide here. Therefore, the mussel protected everyone in its shell and then performed the ground drilling technique.That was how this group of people and creatures turned up together over here.

The grievances outside the wizardry barrier roared continuously during the story. They looked frightening and dangerous.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere inside the wizardry barrier was strange. Long Siye, the mussel, and Lu Wu kept their guard up at the sight of Fan Qianshi. However, Hua Yan and the black candle dragon were very close to Fan Qianshi. Apparently, one was his subordinate, and the other was his pet.

Fan Qianshi frowned as he spoke to Hua Yan very bluntly, “Bitch, who asked you to come? I told you to leave me alone!” Hua Yan looked down at the ground in disappointment.

Next, Fan Qianshi looked at Long Siye. The man’s gaze had already fallen on Hua Yan as his handsome face turned green! Long Siye was undoubtedly intelligent. When he saw the interaction between Hua Yan and Fan Qianshi, he could guess Hua Yan’s true identity. He coldly said, “You are Wu Wuyan!”

Hua Yan did not deny. “Yes!”

Long Siye did not say anything more. He wanted to ask some questions like – ‘is he the one who sent you?’ and ‘What did you want to get from me this time?’ However, he never got an answer in the past, so he did not bother. He just sighed in disappointment as he looked at Hua Yan coldly.

Fan Qianshi frowned as his eyes looked sharply at Long Siye. “What are you thinking about now? Wu Wuyan went to you because she likes you. I did not send her!”

Long Siye looked back at him and sneered. However, he did not say anything. Obviously, he did not believe it at all. Furthermore, his feelings toward Fan Qianshi were actually very complicated.

He was cloned from the body cells of Fan Qianshi when he reincarnated as Long Fan. In fact, he was Long Siye’s father for several years. Before Long Siye knew that he was a clone, he thought that Long Fan was his father. The man had treated him ruthlessly. However, it was undeniable that he taught him a lot of skills. Whether it was medical skills or martial arts, they were all taught to him by Long Fan.

Later, Long Siye died and received a new body. Theoretically, he was no longer a clone and was raised by real parents. However, his appearance was not much different from his previous life. Since then, he always wondered if he was still carrying Long Fan’s genes.

Back in the Starry Crescent Land, Long Fan manipulated him like a chess piece and almost ended his life while trying to get even with Di Fuyi and Gu Xijiu.

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