Chapter 3034 The Grand Finale

From afar, the desert was filled entirely with black dust. The screaming spirits screeched in the wind, and their piercing voices grew louder and more disturbing.

These spirits were extremely violent, almost to an unimaginable extent.

The crowd outside could feel the forces of evil even from miles apart.

None of them had experienced such a violent desert before. The mere sight of the evil spirits made their skin creep but also made them appreciate Di Fuyi’s prophetic vision.

The desert was like a giant black hole. They needed to stop it from consuming everything in its path, or the entire world would cease to exist.

They were glad that Di Fuyi had foreseen the consequences in advance, so they had time to prepare the array formation. One thing was for sure; they did not have to stand there in despair just yet.

At least five hundred people showed up to support. All of them were powerful. Although they were able to expand the array formation to its fullest, it was certainly very challenging to keep it going.

The evil aura of the desert was too strong to be held within. It felt like holding back a giant dinosaur with only a rope.

Even with their maximum strength and effort, all they could do was to stop the desert from expanding further. Nevertheless, they did not stand a chance to defeat it.

In order to permanently remove the roots of the problem and prevent a reoccurrence, they had to start from within. However, the desert was too violent at the moment. They would be shredded into pieces if they moved any closer. Going into the desert seemed impossible right now. Therefore, they continued to support the array formation.

As they did so, they also kept observing the ongoing situation.

Di Fuyi had gone into the desert for many hours by then, but there was still no news from him. Bai Ze started wondering if he and madam were safe in there. The array formation would only last for two days at most. Would it buy them enough time and power to destroy the desert?

Bai Ze took a look at the desert where black dust continued to storm and was quite puzzled.

It was said that the array formation was able to put the expansion of the disastrous desert to a halt, and hopefully, make it shrink. The apparent situation turned out to be completely different from their expectations.

Bai Ze then took a quick look at the familiar faces who took part in the array formation, which included Long Siye.

Recently, Long Siye had an exceptional encounter with a Great Deity who ended up becoming his master; her name was Hua Yan. Although she was not a well-known figure, her power was not to be underestimated. Furthermore, her method of teaching was proven to be effective, as seen from Long Siye’s outstanding achievement as a Great Deity in only a few years. The Emperor Immortal gladly appointed him as the chief advisor as well as his right-hand man. Also, he was entrusted with the power of the military. As the commander in chief, he led a delegation of more than 100,000 soldiers.

As for his mysterious master, she had been living under Long Siye’s roof with a rather secluded life.

Bai Ze once investigated her background, but there was nothing suspicious or odd that he could find. She was just a hermit who was phlegmatic and anti-social. She used to live in a celestial mountain from a foreign land, which was where Long Siye met her. He was there to collect some herbs but got involved in an accident. Fortunately, the lady was there to help.

The next thing she noticed was Long Siye’s potential, which prompted her to take him as her disciple. It was said to be an act for him to return her favor of saving his life.

It was a rather odd method of repaying one’s debt, but Long Siye was not particularly bothered by it. Moreover, he refused to owe her any favors, so he agreed to become her disciple. To his surprise, she turned out to be a responsible master. She taught him many hidden spells and also gave away many magical pills and medicine to him. In time, Long Siye’s Kung Fu became more and more powerful.

Bai Ze had been following her tracks for many years, but there seemed to be no concern at all. Although Long Siye’s Kung Fu was elevated at an astonishing rate, everything about him was still good and pure, with no involvement of dark magic. With that said, Bai Ze was finally able to let the matter go.

At first, Bai Ze did not plan to notify Long Siye and his master, Hua Yan, about this gathering of great powers. After all, Long Siye used to be a clone of Fan Qianshi. There might be some sort of telepathic connection that could be misused by Fan Qianshi to anticipate and control Long Siye’s every move.

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