Chapter 3032 Playing Off One Against The Other (3)

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She took a look at the demon again, and then to Di Fuyi. “I thought you kept her away, somewhere hidden, didn’t you? I did not expect that she would come back so early. Also, Fan Qianshi should know that this place is still the demon’s territory, and yet he blabbered on without a care. Every bit about the truth was generously spilled. There must be a wizardry barrier that he thought was soundproof. If that is so, how did the demon find out everything? By the way, how did you manage to escape?”

She threw out a series of questions at him.

Di Fuyi had no intention of lying to her. “An array formation was set up about a hundred miles from here. When we got there, I made an excuse that I had to treat Hao Er’s injuries. She felt very safe in her territory, so she stopped by without any concern. Then, I made up another excuse to run a perimeter check. That was when I left. I made a replacement puppet to go back to her as a reassurance. She acted like she was severely injured, so she sat in silent cultivation for recovery. She did not even check on the replacement that I made, so I seized the window of opportunity and found my way back to you. However, the replacement could only last for two hours. When the time was up, she would surely notice something was off and would go looking for me. The array formation was made to confine her for only two hours. Also, I left a mirror behind on purpose.”

“The Parallel Mirror?”

“Yes, from the mirror, she would be able to see and hear everything that was happening here.”

Gu Xijiu was thoroughly impressed by his quick wits. “What a thoughtful plan. Did you figure out that the demon and Fan Qianshi were actually on the same team a long time ago?”

Di Fuyi nodded. “I did not know about the demon’s identity at first, but I somehow found that the swallowing desert looked familiar. It seemed like something only Fan Qianshi would do, so I tried to lure him into talking. It went well as he spilled everything.”

Gu Xijiu was awestruck. “You made it sound so real, but it turned out to be a trap.”

“I had made my deductions from the available facts. My logical conclusions hardly go wrong.”

“Did you also deduce that the demon would end up in shambles?”

“More or less.”

“So full of tricks!” With a thumbs-up, Gu Xijiu was very impressed by her husband’s daring maneuvers.

Di Fuyi held her thumb in his hand and said, “I think you can say that I am both intelligent and practical. Also, baby, I have to say that you are brilliant. I did not tell you anything in advance, and yet you were able to chime in.”

Gu Xijiu was quite embarrassed by his compliment. “Well, I would not be compatible with the great Celestial Master Zuo if I were any less intelligent, right?”

They continued to chat on for a while before Gu Xijiu turned her attention back to the fight.

Fan Qianshi and the demon continued battling against one another in the sky. Gu Xijiu looked up but could only see the rolling dark clouds. Lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled every once in a while. Occasionally, their figures could be seen against the light.

Gu Xijiu softly said, “They are so busy fighting. Shouldn’t they be worried about our escape?”

1Di Fuyi examined the dark water that surrounded them and replied, “This dark water prison is truly the best way to secure anyone from running away. They are not worried about us at all.”

“Don’t you have a way out?” Gu Xijiu was really curious.

With a smile, Di Fuyi answered confidently, “Don’t worry. There is nothing in the world that can trap me.”

Gu Xijiu heaved a sigh of relief. He sounded like he already had a plan.

“Let’s take the chance to run away now when they are not paying attention.” She refused to waste any time.

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