Chapter 3023 Meeting (2)

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“How did you come in?”

“Why did you come in?”

“Did you know that you can’t get out after entering?”

“We may be trapped here forever…”

“Oh, yea, how did you recognize that the person outside was not me?”

“How did you know that I was locked inside here?”

“When I saw you carrying Di Hao and walking away with her, I thought that you would never come back. Where is the demon?”

Gu Xijiu had a lot of questions in her heart and just blurted them all out in one go!

“You’re so ugly!” Di Fuyi did not answer her questions but sighed instead.

Gu Xijiu was stunned. “Ah?”

“You look really ugly…” Di Fuyi was already treating her even while she was talking.

Gu Xijiu was even more stunned that she did not notice it sooner!

She knew that she would not be as pretty as before. However, she did not expect Di Fuyi to comment on her appearance that way. Although she was still in her soul form, her soul managed to cultivate a physical body. Unfortunately, her skin was burned all over her body and even her face. Most of her hair was burnt off while the rest seemed to be eerily still attached to her scalp.

In fact, she had always subconsciously protected her face. Whenever the water level rose and submerged her, she would try to cover her face to protect it so as to minimize any damage.

Initially, her only plan was to escape from the place as fast as she could. She did not even think of her appearance for one moment until Di Fuyi pointed it out. But right after he did, she wanted to take a look at herself in the mirror.

When Di Fuyi realized what she was about to do, he unexpectedly covered her eyes. “Don’t look!”

Gu Xijiu was speechless. If anything, he should be the one who should not look at her, right?

Gu Xijiu had once heard a story of a concubine that did not want her emperor to see her when she was ill as she was afraid that the emperor would see her in an ugly state. In the end, she died without the emperor getting to see her again as she wanted the emperor only to remember her when she was beautiful.

Using this logic, Gu Xijiu should not let Di Fuyi see her at all given the condition that she was in. Otherwise, he might develop a phobia toward her and abandoned her.

“But you feel disgusted…” How ugly was she now?

Despite the crazy situation that they found themselves in, Gu Xijiu now contemplated if she would get a chance to wash away his memory sometime in the future so that he would never recall her image at this time.

“Since you know I feel disgusted, you have to recover as quickly as possible. Come on, do exactly what I say…” Di Fuyi quickly began to instruct her on how to treat her burns.

However, Gu Xijiu thought that this was not the most important thing to do right now. The black water here was able to erode any wizardry barrier and eventually absorb their spiritual power, so getting out of here should be their main objective.

Although the wizardry barrier that Di Fuyi had setup was currently stable, it would not be able to last for long. It would be consumed by the black water sooner or later and breakdown. If that were to happen, all their efforts to treat Gu Xijiu’s burns would be wasted.

She took a deep breath and discussed with him, “You… forget about my injuries; let’s try to break out of here first. I am afraid that Hao Er is still in danger and is waiting for us to save. I have a spell that I am thinking about in my mind, and I think it’s a solution, but I can only remember half of it. The other half is still missing. Let me tell you what I can remember and see if you know the rest.”

“No, I will treat you first. This cannot be delayed!”

Gu Xijiu was a little anxious by his reply. “Even if I recover, it’s useless if I have to fall into the black water again later…”

Di Fuyi quietly listened to her, but he did not stop his fingers from continuing to treat her injuries. After she finished speaking, he continued, “Rest assured, I will not let you fall into the hot water again. Heal yourself first.”

“But, Hao Er…”

“Xijiu, in my heart, you are my first priority!” Di Fuyi interrupted her.

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