Chapter 3012 No More Intimate Show

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Gu Xijiu bit her lip but did not utter a word. She had already made up her mind that if Di Fuyi really watched the woman in green get changed, she would try to wash his eyes once they were reunited.

For example, she would tempt him with her own body or give him a pole dance to stimulate him but then force him to keep a distance. He can watch the show but will not be able to touch her body. It was going to be a form of punishment for him! Humph!

“How does it feel when you watch your husband pampering another woman?” The woman in white refused to let it go and continued to taunt her.

Gu Xijiu did not answer her question but asked, “Since you also like him very much, do you feel good when you see him with another woman?”

The white woman laughed, and her eyes seemed to widen oddly. “I forgot to tell you. Since she is my avatar, I will be able to feel anything that she feels. It can also be said that we share our feelings. If he is intimate with her, it is the same as being intimate with me. I will naturally feel good about what happens next.”

Gu Xijiu remained silent.

Was there such a thing?!

Inside the illusion, Di Fuyi watched the woman in green with interest as she removed her skirt and shirt.

Seeing that she was about to take off her undershirt, Di Fuyi suddenly asked, “Where is Hao Er? Have you seen him?”

The woman in green was stunned by the odd question and sighed. “No, I was trapped here since I entered and have not been able to get out. In fact, I am also worried about his safety, but unfortunately…”

She sighed softly and seemed to be in tears. “Fuyi, let’s not think about those unhappy things at this moment. I haven’t put on this wedding dress for you to see…”

Di Fuyi gazed at her and said, “Xijiu, is it more important to look for Hao Er or to have another wedding here?”

The green-dressed woman remained silent.

She hesitantly replied, “Of course… Of course, it is important to find Hao Er, but… We can’t go out now. It’s useless.”

Di Fuyi interrupted her, “What if I have a way out?”

The woman in green was stunned and wondered. “Do you? How is it possible?”

“How is it impossible? Don’t forget; I am a master at breaking wizardry barriers. As long as I want to go out, no place can trap me!”

The woman paused for a moment and looked around. “Well… It’s very comfortable here… I actually love this place so much. I was even thinking of staying here with you one day and just stay free from the worldly problems outside.”

“Xijiu, no matter how good it is, it is an illusion after all. We have to look for Hao Er. Hao Er is likely suffering now and waiting for us to save him… You have to think about him…”

The woman in green could not argue with him.

She strongly suppressed the desires in her heart but was still reluctant. “What method do you have to go out?”

Di Fuyi walked around the house and seemed to be looking through the things in the room, seemingly looking for the key to break the barrier.

Meanwhile, the woman followed beside him.

In the desert, the woman in white looked at the screen and pursed her lips.

Gu Xijiu flicked her finger as she replied, “No more intimate show then!”

The woman in white sneered. “Don’t be so proud; Di Fuyi can’t break the wizardry barrier. I will wait for him to study it for a moment. When he realizes that he can’t break it, I will bring up the wedding to him again. At that time, he will have no reason to turn me down!”

She glanced at Gu Xijiu again. “It seems that he is not as interested in you as you thought.”

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