Chapter 3005 The Inner Demon (4)

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There, she saw the woman in white again. The woman sat in the corner of the restaurant and ordered a tableful of dishes. She had a few drinks over dinner too.

Gu Xijiu looked at the dishes that the woman had chosen, and although there were many dishes she did not recognize, she inexplicably felt that she would enjoy them very much.

Aside from that, she was also puzzled why the woman had ordered so much food! The amount of food she had on her table was probably enough to feed ten people!

She not only ate a large table of dishes but also drank more than ten jars of wines!

Even watching her from the side was enough to make Gu Xijiu feel full.

Another oddity that struck Gu Xijiu was that the woman in white was in her appearance at the restaurant. A peerless beauty was eating and drinking in a commoner’s restaurant, so naturally, it attracted a lot of attention. There were even a few lechers eagerly waiting for the woman to get drunk.

Gu Xijiu frowned at the sight of the men. She understood that everything she was seeing was an illusion, but she was not sure if it had actually happened or if it was something that the God of Demons wanted her to see.

Generally, Gu Xijiu was not a person who could be easily moved by her emotions, but she felt that she could quickly feel the mood of the woman in white at the moment.

The woman’s heart was empty, and she wanted to fill it up with something!

She seemed to be afraid of being alone, too, as seen by her choice to dine in a crowded place instead of a private room.

Once the woman in white was full, she got up and left.

It was then that a few lechers dragged her into an alley!

The lechers wanted to take advantage of her. They said a lot of spiteful words to tease her. She was obviously drunk, so when they teased her, she did not seem to catch what they were saying and also responded very slowly.

One of them even placed their hand on her shoulder and said frivolously, “Little girl, does nobody want you? You look like you have been abandoned. Why don’t you marry me and be my concubine?”

This action had crossed a line because the woman in white began to look annoyed.

In a matter of seconds, the four lechers were punished for their actions.

The woman had beaten them up and even disfigured their bodies. Before they knew it, the four of them were already dead.

At this point, the woman’s dark eyes had turned faintly red. She stood by the wall and ignored the four dead people lying on the ground in the alley. All of a sudden, she seemed to raise her hand to her chest as if abruptly realizing something. “It is strange. I have obviously eaten so much, how am I still hungry?”

She then stumbled away but certainly left Gu Xijiu stunned!

She could see that the woman in white was a god, but she already had the heart of a demon. The demon inside her had made her kill the four men, but since she was drunk, she did not even realize it!

It was very dangerous for a god to have an inner demon. If the demon were to gain control over her body, the consequences would be terrifying!

Gu Xijiu slightly bit her lip as she understood that this was her past life.

Regardless of whether the God of Demons deliberately wanted to show her these scenes or if she saw it by mistake, there could be something she could learn from the visuals. As often said, knowing yourself and knowing the enemy was the key to winning a battle. Once she knew the origin of the other party, she could think of a way to deal with her.

Therefore, Gu Xijiu took a step in the direction of the woman, and after another whirl, she found herself falling back into the desert!

She was stunned for a moment as she did not know if she had awakened from her illusion or if she was still stuck inside.

She looked around and quickly found that the desert was not the desert that the God of the Demons had made. The desert seemed very ordinary, but the sun in the sky was poisonous. Nevertheless, it was still within the limits of human beings so they would not die.

She still did not see Di Hao or Fan Qianshi anywhere; the same could be said for Little Pink and Little Black.

She only saw a vast land filled with yellow sand.

While she was trying to find her bearings, she suddenly saw purple clouds in the sky and multiples lightning strikes that flashed through the clouds.

She immediately felt uneasy as she recognized that it was the catastrophic thunderbolts from the gods!

As she looked up, she saw the woman in white in the clouds along with a man standing in front of her.

In an instant, Gu Xijiu felt as if someone had slammed her head really hard!

It was Di Fuyi!

He was experiencing a catastrophe with the woman in white!

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