Chapter 3004 The Inner Demon (3)

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“I have prepared it.” Gu Xijiu took out a set of bridal clothing from her body as if performing a magic trick. “I have wanted to wear this set for a long time.”

Di Fuyi’s sight fell on the wedding dress. He did not know why, but in his heart, he felt that the dress looked very familiar.

The wedding dress was woven with mermaid silk and covered with bright blue gems on it that looked like stars. It actually formed a starry sky pattern on it. The attire looked luxurious, exquisite, and majestic. It was so beautiful that it was sure to capture anyone’s attention and keep their eyes on the dress.

Di Fuyi held his breath. He did not know why, but seeing this suit made him feel as though a fine needle was suddenly stuck into his heart. It was sore and swollen for a moment.

He could not help but raise his hand to touch the dress. The mermaid silk definitely made its texture very smooth; it was like holding the gentle moonlight in his hand.

“Can I wear it and show you?” Gu Xijiu looked at him eagerly. Her bright eyes seemed to be filled with countless stars, captivating anyone to look a little deeper.

“… Okay!” Di Fuyi nodded as if he was hypnotized.

“She is a fake!” Gu Xijiu squatted in the yellow sand. Her face was pale as she watched the illusion in the sky with her fists tightly clenched.

She felt that she must have been having a nightmare. Unfortunately, there seemed to be no way to wake herself up.

After she got out of the vortex that carried her away, she found that she did not actually leave the desert, but fell into an icefield with a lot of whirlpools. The icefield was deadly cold to the point where she had to run her spiritual power down to expel the chillness.

She looked around but could not see her son or Fan Qianshi. Instead, she found an igloo.

There was a woman in white sitting inside the igloo.

Gu Xijiu recognized this woman as the moody demon in the desert, but an auspicious light now surrounded her, and there was no trace of the demon spirit from before.

The woman seemed to be waiting for someone in this igloo as she would always look out from time to time.

Gu Xijiu soon found a problem. Even though the woman kept looking out the igloo, she did not seem to notice Gu Xijiu at all. She watched the woman’s eyes from a distance and could feel a sense of sorrow within her.

Gu Xijiu took two steps forward and almost stood right in front of her. Yet, the woman still did not seem to see her. She just sighed as she said, “It seems that he is not coming -”

Her voice was soft and seemed to carry a sense of disappointment. Then, she took a piece of paper out of nowhere and started to write on it.

Gu Xijiu continued to watch her and was rather stunned by everything; everything seemed so familiar to her as if it had once happened in her own life.

She watched the woman write a few lines of words and then irritably scrunched the paper into a ball and threw it around the igloo. The woman would look outside at the snow and sigh. “In fact, this is also good. I came here barefoot and will leave barefoot. I have nothing to worry about. However,I do feel sad… Why am I sad? I really want to see him again, even if it is just for a drink.”

The woman looked very lost and very bleak at that point. Just watching everything unravel from the side already made Gu Xijiu feel a pain in her chest. Intuitively, she wanted to hug the woman.

However, as soon as she took a step closer, her vision appeared like the swirling of a kaleidoscope! It seems that she stepped into the whirlpool again!

Once the colorful scene receded, she found herself falling into an antique restaurant. The place was filled with people who were dressed rather quaintly, unlike any ethnic group she had recognized before.

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