Chapter 3003 The Inner Demon (2)

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The two of them chatted for a while, and Di Fuyi teased her about some of her bad habits; she also laughed at him because of his fussiness and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The pair looked very warm together as they exchanged pleasantries; they looked just like an ordinary husband and wife.

Subconsciously, the two strolled into the dormitory, and the layout in the room was even more elegant. Whether it was the wooden window shade or the big bed with ink lotus painting on the net that covered, everything amazed Di Fuyi.

The room was initially a bit dark, but Gu Xijiu flicked her finger, and candlelight lit up in the room.

Di Fuyi looked at the burning candle and was stunned for a moment.

The candle was no ordinary candle; it was a pair of big wedding candles that were engraved with dragons and phoenixes.

Ordinary candles were usually only stamped with images of dragons and phoenixes. Meanwhile, these candles were craftily engraved. The candle with a phoenix was engraved with a colorful phoenix flying in the starry sky. The stars dotted on it were like the real shimmering stars under the light.

On the candle with the dragon, there was a geographical map of Qiankun, with mountains, rivers, people, immortals, demons, and beasts, among other things. The dragon was circling the candle as if it was flying above the six realms.

Those candles were definitely a unique product. When they were lit up, the fire that emerged was golden red, reflecting the whole house into a red wedding room.

Di Fuyi looked at the pair of candles and then looked back at her. “This is very rare! Where did you get it?” He then looked around the room and sighed. “This arrangement feels a bit like a newly-married couple’s room.”

“Do you like it?” Gu Xijiu asked.

“Yes!” Di Fuyi’s eyes flashed as he answered.

Gu Xijiu returned his reply with a smile. It was a smile of satisfaction. Her smile was very pure, indicating that his fondness for her masterpiece made her genuinely happy. “In fact, I had long wanted to arrange a newly-wed room like this when we were married, but unfortunately, I have been unable to achieve my wish. I did not expect to do so over here! This is actually how I would like my room.”

She turned around with her arms opened, and her clothes fluttered in the wind. She looked dazzling under the rare candlelight.

Di Fuyi seemed to be distracted by her beauty as he watched her.

All of a sudden, she tripped over her skirt and fell to his arms!

Di Fuyi raised his hand and caught her. “What’s wrong?”

Apparently, Gu Xijiu did not anticipate that the man would be so lost. She stepped on his foot and remarked, “Silly!”

Di Fuyi was speechless.

He looked at her and asked in a serious tone, “What do you mean?”

Gu Xijiu slightly bit her lip as she continued, “I think we can treat this as our wedding room. What do you think?”

Di Fuyi seemed to be confused. “Xijiu, we have been married for a long time! Our kids are already grown up.”

Gu Xijiu was stunned and rather unhappy that he could not catch the hint. “We can treat it like we have just gotten married again! After all, we have just been reunited after being separated for so long.”

Di Fuyi looked down at the ground as he replied, “You are right. We have been separated for more than two months.”

Gu Xijiu raised her eyebrows at his reply. “Fuyi, did you make a mistake? We have only been separated for 28 days, not two months.”

Di Fuyi was stunned by the reply he received. “It’s hard for me to remember it correctly. Sigh. A daywithout you feels like a few years for me. We have not been seeing each other for 28 days, but it feels like 20 years.”

His voice was soft and magnetic as he asked her, “Xijiu, if we are getting married again, it would have to be a little bit grander. Unfortunately, I did not prepare the wedding gown…”

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