Chapter 3000 A Demonic Transformation (3)

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The Flying Serpent was left dumbfounded when Di Fuyi arrived in less than a day!

At that time, the desert had stretched out an additional 2,000 miles and had swallowed hundreds of cities, included a country.

It had devoured hundreds of thousands of living creatures and people.

Even though some places had not been engulfed yet, they were already on fire because of the raging heat coming from the desert. The forest was dry, and the fields were deserted; meanwhile, the volcanoes were active.

It felt like the continent was experiencing the end of the world. The people were feeling helpless and desperate for a way out.

No one could even go close to the desert now to try and stop it. Any stones that were miles away from it had exploded or melted!

Naturally, the Flying Serpent was concerned for the people. As it started to panic, Di Fuyi and Bai Ze had arrived!

Di Fuyi rarely looked messy, so his long sweaty hair made him look rather weird.

As for Bai Ze, it looked even worse!

It looked like a fish that was just retrieved from muddy water. The bright satin-like silver hair it had seemed to be missing. Instead, it was wet and muddy to the point where even its eyelashes were stained with sweat.

As soon as they landed, Bai Ze was panting vigorously. It seemed to be on the brink of vomiting.

When the Flying Serpent saw them, it immediately went forward and wanted to report the situation here. But before it could say anything, Di Fuyi had gone straight to the entrance to the desert, “I will go in and see what is happening. Two of you continue to guard the outside. Before our people arrive, do not let anyone else enter! Bai Ze will tell you what to do next! ”

Even while he was talking, he was already rushing into the boiling desert.

Although the Flying Serpent was still worried, it did not dare to question his instructions. It looked at Bai Ze and asked, “Where did you both come from?”

Bai Ze was still breathless as he uttered the name of the place.

Needless to say, the Flying Serpent was shocked! “So far!? How did you manage to rush here?!” As far as it knew, it took at least six days to get here from the mainland, and they actually arrived in less than a day!

“Master had used the Space Reduction technique for us to travel through space.” Bai Ze was panting and still in shock. “He was desperate…”

The Flying Serpent was speechless!

The Space Reduction technique was banned and extremely risky. If someone lost focus while using it, they could find themselves in a black hole and banished from existence.

According to what the Flying Serpent knew, its master had only used this technique twice. This was rather dangerous as Di Fuyi was certainly not a master in the technique. Nevertheless, desperate times called for desperate measures.

No wonder even someone as powerful as Di Fuyi could look so messy.

Despite the speed at which they were traveling, Di Fuyi had also contacted his subordinates scattered around the six realms. He ordered them to come to this mainland as there were certain tasks that he needed them to do.

Mu Feng and the three messengers, the four mythical beasts, people from Shura World’s seal team like Feng Ruhuo, Kun Xueyi, Yun Yanli, and even the emperor from the immortal world had also received his request for help. They were all on their way here.

After Bai Ze informed the Flying Serpent about the plan, its eyes widened. “Such a big movement? Does that mean all the masters from the six realms will be gathered here?”

Bai Ze sounds dignified, “Of course! In the past, the devils were all individuals. Hence, the harm they could inflict was always limited, no matter how powerful they were. However, this entire desert has turned into a demon. By looking at its trend, it soon will swallow the entire continent and turn the whole continent evil. If that were to happen, its power would be limitless!”

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