Chapter 2998 A Demonic Transformation

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The Flying Serpent had a tough time waiting for her.

Gu Xijiu wanted it to stay outside the desert. However, it could not stop worrying about her. In fact, it had already tried to contact her not long after Gu Xijiu ventured into the desert, but the connection could never get through.

Fortunately, Gu Xijiu had warned it about the oddities of the desert. She had already suspected that there would be a barrier to hinder all means of communication with the outside world, so it would be normal that their calls would not go through.

Therefore, with the information it was given, it patiently waited.

The first day passed by.Then, another two days passed.

Gu Xijiu never sent any messages and did not show up. Hence, the Flying Serpent stood outside the desert like a statue, waiting for her return.

It was not ready to tell Di Fuyi about what had happened as he was occupied with his tasks, too. Many places were left unexplored, so it did not want to burden him as there was no guarantee that Di Hao was in this desert.

It could only wait and hope that Gu Xijiu could make it out within five days.

Nevertheless, the constant expansion of the desert was one of its many concerns.

The entrance of the desert used to be further away from the city; in fact, it was thousands of miles away.

The extreme heat of the desert managed to keep people away, except for the friars who volunteered to behead the evil creatures that were rumored to exist. Besides them, there was hardly anyone who passed by, at least for the past three days when the Flying Serpent was there.

Although it was commonly known that the desert was expanding, the rate of expansion was uncertain.

Since the Flying Serpent was standing by the entrance for a few days, it was able to monitor the condition of the desert. From its observation, it found that the desert would expand by a few miles a day. Also, the temperature would rise day by day.

As a fire element majestic beast, the Flying Serpent was supposed to be able to flourish in the heat. However, it found the heat there to be unbearable.

During its patient wait at the border, it came across a couple that was ready to venture into the desert. The man was not very young, sotheir love must have happened much later in his life. Perhaps, it was something that his children were strongly against. To receive blessings on their union, the couple was ready to take a risk in the name of love, in hopes that the king and their families would finally grant them with eternal blessings.

Apart from romance, the man was also determined to find out more about the desert. He wanted to do something for society in his lifetime.

However, as soon as they approached the entrance, they were immediately dumbstruck by the extreme heatwave.

Their spiritual power was obviously too low to withstand the flaming temperatures on the inside. In an instant, both of them were thoroughly burned by the abnormally hot temperature. Without the Flying Serpent’s help, they would already be dead.

Fortunately, the couple was very knowledgeable, despite their ordinary Kung Fu. In particular, the woman’s family business was sustained due to the knowledge that they shared with their customers. As the head of her family, she could turn anything into an erudite sharing, with things that were uncommonly known by the general public.

From the lady, the Flying Serpent got to know a lot of things about the desert.

The desert came into existence many thousands of years ago. It was formed out of thin air! At first, it was about the size of a small town, secured with an impenetrable wizardry barrier.

The desert did not bother the primitive inhabitants during the early days, so no one cared about it.

For the thousands of years that followed, the desert maintained its size and did not interfere with the lives of the people who lived nearby.

However, about 20,000 years ago, the desert began its unstoppable expansion, along with the rise in temperature. Only lovers were permitted to enter, but they had no way out.

The Flying Serpent found the story quite unpleasant.

As a majestic beast that was at least 10,000 years old, it had come across many strange happenings in its life. It knew at once that the oddity of the desert could only be explained by the existence of an extremely wicked being that was sealed within the desert. It must have become fully active about 20,000 years ago.

The old couple knew that they were going to die in the desert if they insisted on the daring journey. Therefore, after a chat with the Flying Serpent, they decided to abandon their mission and left.

It was only on the third day that a sudden change happened.

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