Chapter 2988 Working Together (3)

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In the blink of an eye, the pink candle dragon’s chubby claw appeared bruised and dirty green in color. It was obviously poisoned.

“Fan Qianshi, did you really think I would not find out?” Gu Xijiu said scornfully.

The pink candle dragon remained quiet.

All of a sudden, a glimpse of light flashed by, and the chubby creature was no longer there. Apparently, Fan Qianshi decided to reveal himself.

His hand was covered in a mass of bruises. “Xijiu, you truly are the smartest. There is nothing that can escape your eyes. Look at what you have done to me, all because of one careless mistake.” He sighed.

While he talked, he never stopped extracting the poisoned blood from his veins.

Was he really the God of Creation?

She realized that their strengths were indeed incomparable. In fact, there was no chance for her to win if she chose to fight him face to face.

The best chance of survival was to flee, but she could not leave the pink candle dragon behind.

Fan Qianshi seemed to have read Gu Xijiu’s concern. “Xijiu, don’t you try to run away from me again, or I will skin the creature.”

He reached to the side and pulled the pink candle dragon out of nowhere. It was clearly unconscious, and its entire body turned red due to the dilation of its blood vessels.Also, it was drenched in sweat.

Gu Xijiu was shocked. “Fan Qianshi, no living thing should be kept in a storage bag. How could you put it in there?” The pink candle dragon would be dead if it were trapped any longer.

“Oh, really? No living thing is allowed?” Fan Qianshi wiped the sweat away with his finger and continued rather ironically, “No wonder it is drenched.”

He then looked at Gu Xijiu and continued, “Xijiu, stop running away, will you? Otherwise, I will have to keep it away in my storage bag again while I go after you. As you may already know, I am a rather lazy and clumsy person. I may forget to take it out to get some fresh air. Who knows how long it would be left in there?

It was a firm threat, and Gu Xijiu knew that Fan Qianshi was surely capable of inflicting such hostile pain on the poor creature.

Therefore, she would no longer run away. “I did not want to run at first, but your tireless pursuit quite entertained me, so I decided to play along,” she added with a polite smile.

She began yawning again, seeming out of boredom. “We are not getting out of this place, anyway. So, your pursuit seems insignificant. What good can it do?”

“Where is Di Fuyi?” Fan Qianshi asked.

“He and I have parted ways. We were supposed to contact each other when Di Hao was found. However, apparently getting into this place is a one-way ticket. All means of communication fail miserably. I cannot send out any messages to him at all.”

Fan Qianshi could not tell if she was telling the truth or not.

“Fan Qianshi, we are both trapped here. Shall we cease our fight for now? We should work together to find a way out. Our feuds can wait.” Gu Xijiu took another look at the harsh sun and suggested, “Two brains are better than one, right?”

She had a point. “You are right. Killing you here would be meaningless if I cannot make it out in the end. I might die of boredom from having no one around,” Fan Qianshi agreed.

He then reached out to her and said, “If we are going to work together, you need to show your sincerity.”

“What do you mean, exactly?”

“Do you still have your favorite sour plum wine? I shall have two bottles.”

Dumbstruck, Gu Xijiu did not expect that wine was all that he would ask for.

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