Chapter 2987 Working Together (2)

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As soon as she located Di Hao, she wanted to inform Di Fuyi or the Flying Serpent. However, the desert appeared to be a forbidden land with a wizardry barrier that prevented all means of communication with the outside world.

Even as she was practically playing hide and seek with Fan Qianshi, she never stopped trying to crack the wizardry barrier, but nothing seemed to work.

Like Fan Qianshi, she could not locate the edge of the desert, nor could she escape through the sky.

She wanted to find the God of Demons as she believed that would be the way out. However, even the pink candle dragon did not know the way out despite being in the desert for countless years. Apparently, the demon appeared and disappeared out of the blue.

Another day went by.

Gu Xijiu sat on the sand and looked annoyed at the scorching sun. She could not wait to leave the place.

Her extensive life experience had taught her to be a tough woman. In fact, nothing could really make her feel sad, but there was something about the desert that kept pulling her down. A feeling of deep distress kept befalling her.

“Master, why are you crying?” Little Pink got close and stared at her in bafflement.

Gu Xijiu wiped her eyes, only to realize that she was, indeed, tearing up.

She shook her sorrow away and stood right up at once. “I am not crying. I have sand in my eyes.”

“Why does the man keep pursuing us when none of us can get out of here?” Little Pink was quite troubled.

“He is a lunatic,” Gu Xijiu commented on Fan Qianshi’s behavior.

Due to Fan Qianshi’s stubborn pursuit, Gu Xijiu became reluctant to build a tent. She had to teleport every few minutes so that he had no way to pinpoint her exact location. Things would have been much more comfortable with a tent.

Little Pink must have been bored interacting with Di Hao, who was now quietly working on his recovery, so it decided to approach Gu Xijiu instead.

“Won’t he get tired of the endless pursuit?”

“A lunatic knows nothing about being tired.”

Little Pink thought about the situation for a moment and became quite eager to leave. “How I wish I could get out of here. I have been looking forward to returning to the outside world. Master, the demon looks exactly like you. Could she be an embodiment of your previous life?”

Dumbfounded, Gu Xijiu had never met the woman, so she had no idea how much they actually resembled one another.

She pondered about the possibilities for a moment and then added, “I don’t think so. If the demon resembled my previous life, how could I even come into existence when she was still around?”

“Perhaps she was not an embodiment, but a form of obsession that lingered on. Master, have you had any obsession that you did not achieve?”

Gu Xijiu thought about it seriously, but nothing came to mind. “No.” She had a loving husband and two adorable children. There was nothing more that she could ask for.

There was only one thing that she desperately wished for.

“I hope that Fan Qianshi can just disappear from the world. I never want to see him again!” She could not help but express the amount of hatred that she had for this peculiar man.

The pink candle dragon quietly agreed.

After that, Gu Xijiu stood up abruptly and began yawning. “Let’s move,” she addressed her comrades.

Then, she reached out and held Di Hao’s hand. At the same time, the pink candle dragon also reached out its claw to her. “Master, don’t forget about me!”

“Of course.” Gu Xijiu took its claw as well.

All of a sudden, the pink candle dragon experienced a sharp pain on its body. Abruptly, the creature pulled its claw out from her grasp and retreated anxiously. “Master.”

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