Chapter 2986 Working Together

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It took a look again at its bucket of honey water and was baffled. Like a treasure box, she had an endless supply of great stuff!

What it did not know was that Gu Xijiu’s frequent experience of hunger had taught her to be well prepared.

Her storage bag was always filled with food, no matter where she was going.

The supply was even enough to last the pink candle dragon for years.

Di Hao sat in contemplation. He was not curious about the enormous amount of food that his mother had but had other thoughts in his mind. “Mother, how did you find me here? Where are father and Xuyue?” Obviously, he was more concerned about his family.

Gu Xijiu sighed. “Your soul disappeared so suddenly without any warning. It was a rather painful search for your father and I. He had to use a forbidden spell to locate you, only to realize that you were no longer in the Starry Crescent Land, which prompted us to think that Fan Qianshi must be involved. We returned to the Upper Bound to look through the history books in the Biwu palace, thinking that Fan Qianshi’s hideout must be written down somewhere.”

Fortunately, their efforts were not in vain. Fan Qianshi’s hideout was a secret to many, but not to Di Fuyi’s father, Shen Jiuli. The Divine Lord was renowned for his very broad knowledge about everything in the world. From one of his written books, we found a place, which was known to be the residence of the God of Creation.

They decided to leave Di Xuyue in Biwu Palace for her safety, where the majestic beasts could safely guard her.

Their journey thence began.

Quickly, they found the residence. However, there was nothing left in there!

Di Fuyi looked into every little detail that he could find and noticed that there were still many things that bore Fan Qianshi’s scent. After all, he had spent many years there.

Di Fuyi collected his scent to perform a spell that allowed him to look through the images that had been happening for the past month. There was a scene where the black candle dragon could be seen withdrawing Di Hao’s soul from his body. Then, he saw the desert.

Millions of deserts could exist in the vast universe, so they couldn’t search through the deserts, one by one.

Fortunately, Bai Ze and the Flying Serpent had the ability to track down the candle dragon via its scent. They decided to follow its tracks.

At the same time, Fan Qianshi was looking for the boy as well. He had been to many deserts, thus leaving his scent behind wherever he went. The journey was unexpectedly extended due to this unforeseen circumstance.

Hence, Gu Xijiu and Di Fuyi had to go on separate paths to increase the efficiency of their painstaking search. Each with a majestic beast, they agreed to notify one another when the boy was found.

The continent where Di Hao was trapped in was not exactly an immense space. It was a small one as compared to other existing continents, making it easier to be overlooked.

Gu Xijiu and the Flying Serpent had passed by the continent twice, but they never noticed the place.

Fan Qianshi and Little Black were the first ones that found out about the place, thus guiding the Flying Serpent with their scent.

The place seemed rather odd, and to be honest, Gu Xijiu was not feeling all that great about the place. Sorrow filled her heart as soon as she landed. It was not the best feeling to have anywhere. In fact, all she wanted was to leave.

But as much as she would like to leave, she had to stay, for the sake of her son’s safety.

She was told about the oddity of the waterless, desolate area of sand by the people in the area.

Meanwhile, the Flying Serpent also caught Little Black’s scent in the desert.

Like Fan Qianshi, Gu Xijiu was doubtful of the desert. She refused to believe that she would be trapped.

Nevertheless, just to be safe, she decided to keep the Flying Serpent outside while she went in to continue the search for her son.

Before they parted ways, they agreed that five days would be the limit. Five days were surely all she needed to escape if everything went according to plan.

If she took any longer than five days, the Flying Serpent would have to inform Di Fuyi immediately so that he could come to the rescue.

Three days had gone by, so the Flying Serpent should still be outside, and Di Fuyi would still be unaware of her situation.

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