Chapter 2976 Tortured (3)

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He did not speak but cast a spell from under his sleeve. An intricate spell condensed quickly at his fingertips, and he promptly fired an attack at Little Black’s head!

Little Black obviously did not expect him to shoot at it. All of a sudden, it felt that there were countless steel needles inserted in its brain. The pain was unbearable! Then, the ‘steel needles’ somehow connected to its mind to control its body.

Soon, Fan Qianshi instructed it, “Lie down!”

Little Black’s mind was awake, but it had clearly lost control of its body and immediately fell on the sand.

The sand was hot, and it certainly burnt its belly. It could feel the pain, but it could not stand up no matter how hard it tried.

Since Little Black had been with him for so many years, it was familiar with this spell and understood the consequences.

The owner actually used the Puppet Technique on it! It was now being manipulated like a puppet.

The only thing that it could control was its eyes as its entire body lay flat on the scorching ground. The look on its face clearly showed its disappointment.

It had not expected its owner to treat it this way.

Fan Qianshi deliberately avoided looking into its eyes. He stared coldly at the pink candle dragon and said, “I don’t really believe that I can’t kill you!”

Since this pink candle was here and has been trapped for 100,000 years, it seemed to be related to this desert; it was definitely possible that it was the key to unlocking the wizardry barrier!

The man clearly did not want to be stuck here forever. Therefore, he had to find a way out!

Wanting to exert dominance, he unleashed the power of his aura as the God of Creation. It was overbearing to the point where Little Pink could not stand up straight and slammed onto the ground. Then, it watched firsthand as Fan Qianshi’s palm somehow transformed into a long red sword. When he stepped closer to it, its eyes finally showed a sense of fear, and its body shrank.

Apparently, it was afraid of death!

Fan Qianshi had been staring at its eyes the entire time, waiting to call its bluff. When he saw the chubby pink dragon trembling in fear, he laughed. “It seems you have been lying!”

He waved the long sword in his hand swiftly like a fan, and many sword duplicate shadows of the sword appeared around him and fired towards the pink candle dragon like thunderbolts!

This was a trick that could only be issued by the God of Creation, so it was undoubtedly powerful. It could kill gods and demons, and even Di Fuyi might not be able to withstand it in his current state. Hence, this mutated pink candle dragon did not stand a chance!

Di Hao’s facial expression changed slightly. Although he was not in his best shape, he was the Master of the Heavenly Law, after all. His knowledge was incredibly profound, and he knew the nature of Fan Qianshi’s attack. He was definitely looking to kill the candle dragon!

Although the boy also wanted to leave the desert, he intuitively thought that it was not so simple to crack the wizardry barrier of this desert. It would probably bring more disaster to him if he killed the pink candle dragon!

Furthermore, the boy had formed a relationship with the pink candle dragon, and they have been together for some time, so naturally, he did not want to see it being killed.

Speedily, he made up his mind about what he would do and put his fingertips on his eyebrows. Suddenly, his body released multiple colors of lights!

The colorful light formed into a round shield that covered the pink candle dragon at once and the red shadow swords issued by Fan Qianshi crashed into the shield right when it protected Little Pink.

The collision was met with an earth-shattering sound, and it appeared that the two moves were equally matched. Di Hao’s protective barrier was shattered while Fan Qianshi’s swords had fallen to the ground.

Di Hao’s face turned pale at once, and his little body felt like it was being blown away by a mad wind. He flew at least seven to eight feet away following the collision. He could not stand up straight and spurted out a mouthful of blood. He could only bring himself to sit up straight on the ground, but his head felt a little dizzy. There also seemed to be an irregularity in his heart.

Fan Qianshi was more powerful than he thought!

Di Hao could not believe that his special move as the Master of the Heavenly Law had been shattered so easily.

Meanwhile, Fan Qianshi was equally puzzled that Di Hao was able to match his attack!

Although he did not get blown away, he felt an uneasiness in his chest. It was evident that Di Hao’s power was high enough to challenge him!

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