Chapter 2966 The Couple’s Challenge (2)

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The master, being more senior and experienced, should lead the way. Since he was no longer holding back, she decided to let go of all her worries and savor every moment of their union. As a result, her moans of pleasure could be heard even from afar.

“What a disgusting couple,” Di Hao expressed his revulsion from behind a sandy hill.

Both the man and the woman were powerful beings. Fu Xiaotian was already at the level of a Great Deity.

As for the woman, she was gifted with a talent in magic and spells. After inheriting the secret powers of Fu Xiaotian’s deceased wife, she was almost the level of a Great Deity as well.

Both of them were the strongest people in the entire continent; otherwise, they would not simply propose to risk their lives in the desert.

In their opinion, if the desert had a way in, there must be a way out.

Before going in, the two of them had done their research. They believed that the desert must be inhabited by one or more beasts, known to the people as the demon of droughts. The former explorers were probably unfamiliar with the geography of the desert or were unable to defeat the demon, so none of the explorers returned.

Fu Xiaotian grew up in a desert, so he knew about its natural features. In his early years, he once fought and got rid of a Drought Demon, so he knew how to fight one.

Confidently, he thought that a visit to the mysterious desert would not be a big deal. In fact, they even had time to make love rather than explore the place.

After a while, the couple finally stopped their intercourse activity and got up from the sand, though panting for more.

“This place is so hot! I am drenched in sweat!” Le Yingying complained. She was quite reluctant to stand on her feet. “Master, we only need to stay for one day to accomplish our mission. I do not think any exploration is necessary.”

Fu Xiaotian pulled her up. “Now that we are here, we should really take a look around. If we can find the problematic Drought Demon, it will be a great achievement as a couple. Our marriage will be recognized by many more on the continent. As you know, as soon as our relationship becomes public, many will start to talk behind our backs. Some would even think that we are the reason behind Meng Ke’s death.”

“But I am scared. After all, no one has been able to survive this place,” Le Yingying protested.

“Don’t worry. I am here. You do not have to be afraid of all those demons. I am here to protect you.” Fu Tianxiao’s sweet words were able to cheer her up.

Fu Tianxiao was a sweet talker. Anything he said to a girl always sounded thoughtful.

Also, he had prepared many things in advance – a bottle of honey water, some food, and even an umbrella.

The umbrella was green in color, so when they walked under the green shade, it formed a picturesque scene with distinct color contrasts.

Nevertheless, it only took two days to shatter their romance.

They had yet to find the legendary demon, nor the entrance where they came through.

Fu Xiaotian and Le Yingying had done everything they could to break their way out, but the exit was still nowhere to be seen.

The sun remained scorching hot, and two days of exposure and dehydration had shed their skin off.

Fu Xiaotian was no longer the thoughtful man he used to be. In fact, he started to take strict control over their food and water. Le Yingying was no longer granted access to the supply.

From his observation, Di Hao finally realized that the desert had the unique ability to revert the celestial beings back to their very mundane ways.

Even a celestial being who fed on the wind and drank the dew had to live on like a regular human being who depended on food and water. Otherwise, even a celestial being would die from hunger and thirst.

Outside of the desert, the couple no longer needed food, so the amount of food that Fu Xiaotian had with him was very scarce. He only brought them as a romantic gesture.

Consequently, when hunger and thirst struck them, they finally realized they needed it.

Two days were enough to change their appearance. Le Yingying was no longer happy, and her pretty face was totally sunburned. Even her supple lips were chapped.

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