Chapter 2965 The Couple’s Challenge

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In time, the desert became a deadly territory that only consumed the lives of the people who entered. Not another man was ever sent in again.

Eventually, the king realized that only couples were allowed to enter the desert, especially those who had gone through hardships together. So, the king made a rule. When a particular relationship was not blessed, the couple could take the challenge and visit the desert together. If they could make it out alive, the king would personally bless their union and publicly announce them as a newlywed, so no one was allowed to break them apart ever again. In addition, the king would even reward them with money and assets.

The couple was the perfect example. They were related as a master and a disciple.

The man was a master, known as Fu Xiaotian.

The woman was his disciple, known as Le Yingying.

A relationship between a master and a disciple was generally forbidden. Moreover, Fu Xiaotian already had a wife.

His wife was from a family that was well-known for spells and wizardry. They used to be apprentices together in the past. In order for him to inherit the secret magic and spells of the family, he decided to pursue her, rather consistently. His gesture finally moved her, and they soon became married. He became the son-in-law of the family and obtained what he had always wanted.

Fu Tianxiao fully utilized his wife’s network to expand his own business. Soon, he emerged as a great man admired by many. Many disciples were recruited in the name of his success.

He played his role well by showering his wife with love and being a good husband in public. Generally, he was known as a man who was obsessed with his wife and possessed a reputation that was praised by many.

However, some people bad-mouthed him as an idler who only sponged on the wealth of his wife’s family.

Eventually, he grew sick of the rumors, which consequently made him grow to repel his own wife. Secretly, he started to cheat on her with his disciples.

In order for him to get rid of his wife without making a bad name for himself, he made a plan to frame his wife for cheating on him with one of his disciples. The news spread in the town quickly, making his wife look like a horrible woman for cheating.

He did not punish his wife away, nor did he mention about divorcing her. Publicly, he addressed the affair by stating that it was his fault for neglecting his wife, thus leading her to commit in something foolish. He even begged them to forgive his wife and stop talking about it.

His public speech had gained him even more popularity by being a good man. His wife, on the other hand, was widely defamed and mistreated by the public.

He continued to gather pity by getting drunk every day or bursting into tears as soon as he talked about the affair. All of his efforts added up and made him a good, loving man who had his heart shattered by his cheating wife. Meanwhile, his wife’s reputation was utterly damaged to the point where she could no longer tolerate the rumors, so she ended her own life.

Sadly, he buried his wife after a grand funeral and forbade anyone from talking bad about her again. He vowed to kill anyone that made the situation worse.

From then on, his reputation as a good husband was well established in society. Everyone thought of him as a loving and responsible man instead of a worthless idler.

He also inherited the entire fortune from his wife’s family, thus putting him in the prime of his life.

The only thing that he was unsatisfied with was his affair with his disciple, Le Yingying. She inspired into almost all of his bad doings.

She loved him wholeheartedly, and the only thing that she had ever asked was for him to marry her, or she would tell everyone what he had done in the past.

In order for him to marry her, he agreed to venture into the desolate desert.

Usually, they would not do anything too revealing in public, but now that they were alone with no one around to judge them, it was finally time for them to express their yearning desire for one another.

After the brief chat, they made love to each other again.

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