Chapter 2953 Are You Going To Betray Me?

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Before the candle dragon finished speaking, Fan Qianshi was already pulling its overhead light again eagerly. “Di Hao? Can you see Di Hao?”

The candle dragon proudly replied, “Yes, I had a coincidental encounter with a spell from his soul.”

“Can you lure his soul here?” Fan Qianshi seemed to have a new idea.

The candle dragon was perplexed. “What are you going to do with the child’s soul?”

“I only asked if you can do it.”

“It depends if the opportunity presents itself. I will only be able to do it if he uses the same spell.”

“Give it a try then; try to lure his soul here and trap him.”

The candle dragon was quite reluctant, though. It had its own principals. “An adult’s personal grudges should not involve children. What are you going to do with him after I lure his soul here? If his soul is away from his body for an extended period of time, it will cause irreversible damage to his health.”

“Are you going to betray me?” Fan Qianshi asked in an ice-cold tone.

The candle dragon was intimidated by his ferocity, so it surrendered to him. “All right, I will try, but there is no guarantee.”

Fan Qianshi gave its overhead light a gentle stroke. “You only have to do your best. You are the only one I can trust now.”

“Don’t try to sweet-talk me. You are also one to dismiss others when their job is done,” the candle dragon said, obviously immune to his lavish compliments.

Fan Qianshi did not deny. “I have used many people and sacrificed many lives, but I have never hurt you, have I?”

To which the candle dragon answered, “But you chose to raise me in a herd of donkeys, all because I was a gift from your master.”

“Can we stop talking about the past? All right, let’s see what you can do. If you perform well, you will be rewarded,” Fan Qianshin sternly said.

When Gu Xijiu woke up, Di Hao was still sleeping soundly.

She did not alarm him and decided to get out of bed first.

Most of her attention was spent on her daughter, as the naughty little girl was quite attached to her. Her son, in return, was slightly neglected by her lack of attention.

The way that the boy snuggled up to her before she was asleep was a clear sign of the lack of attention he had received. She felt guilty for neglecting him, so she decided to make something good for the boy to eat.

It did not take long for her to prepare a few dishes and a soup for him as breakfast. She set up the table nicely before waking the boy up. “Hao-Er, time to get up now.”

Di Hao did not move; his eyelids remained shut and did not even shift a little.

The boy’s lack of vigilance came as a surprise to her as it was not how he normally behaved.

She took a closer look and was shocked. Quickly, she tried to check his breathing.

Panicked, she could feel her body going numb.

Di Hao was not breathing at all.

There was no breathing and no heart rate. Furthermore, out of the ten fragments of his soul, only one fragment remained. The rest was gone.

Gu Xijiu was utterly shocked.

Her place was secured with the strongest form of wizardry barrier. None of the spirits could make it through the barrier. It was even more secure than being in a safe box.

So how did little Di Hao’s soul go missing?

Had he used the Soul Wandering Spell to go on a mission on his own?

It did not seem likely, however. The Soul Wandering Spell would cause him to lose more than half of his Kung Fu foundation, not forgetting the damage that the spell would do to his body. Unless very necessary, no one would risk getting their soul injured by wandering around without a body. Di Hao was a careful boy with a plan. He would not use the spell without notifying her first.

What was going on?

When the problem involved someone she cared about, it was difficult for her to stay composed.

Especially since it involved her son’s safety, she could no longer sit still.

Immediately, she gave Di Fuyi a call. He answered it as quickly as he could, “Baby, you are early. Miss me?”

Gu Xijiu was not in the mood for flirting. “Something is going on with Hao-Er! I…” Her voice was trembling with fear.

Di Fuyi finally took the call more seriously. “What is wrong with him? Don’t worry. Stay calm. Speak slowly,” he reassured her.

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