Chapter 2952 The Fall Of A Deity (14)

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The same nightmare had been haunting him for a while now, so the images had gradually become clearer and clearer. The dreams became especially intense after he met Gu Xijiu. It was so surreal that it felt like it happened only yesterday.

He stared at the starry night sky before raising his hand to take some readings. “Fool! What a fool!” He scornfully said.

Reluctantly, he got up from the bed and tidied up his robes. He turned around and saw a dark shadow lingering in the corner. In fact, it was very well hidden. The darkness was able to conceal its tracks, but not the little source of light on the top of its head.

“Little Black, get over here,” Fan Qianshi demanded.

The black shadow made a hiss and did as told, though rather unwillingly. It was the candle dragon.

Its current body size was only one percent of its usual size, more or less like the size of a snake. It surrounded Fan Qianshi in a circle before looking up in an arrogant manner as if it was questioning him why it needed to be around at all.

In response, Fan Qianshi gently stroked the little spot of light on its head. The candle dragon was surprised by the sudden gesture, so it retreated.

Very quickly, Fan Qainshi grasped it by its overhead light to stop it from backing away. “Bastard! Are you responsible for the nightmares I have been having lately?” He asked brusquely.

He was pulling its light so hard that it almost fell off. In pain, the candle dragon desperately tried to break free by pushing back with its claws, but nothing worked. The more it struggled, the more painful it got. Annoyed, it started making a long, doleful cry in protest.

Fan Qianshi seemed to understand its language. “As a dragon, you cannot even get your tone right. You sound more like a donkey instead. Have you forgotten what you really are because you have been too busy being a donkey? What a useless creature.”

The remark irritated the candle dragon, so it shouted back at him, “You left me in the herd of donkeys when I was young. I even took one of the donkeys as my mother. Now you are blaming me for sounding like a donkey? It was you who covered me in the skin of a donkey skin before letting me out in public, saying that it served as good camouflage. Why are you even complaining right now?”

Fan Qianshi gazed at it, so it did the same.

Helplessly, Fan Qianshi gave in. “You are a candle dragon with the attitude of a donkey.”

“If I raised you in a herd of pigs, perhaps, you might end up behaving like one,” the candle dragon sarcastically remarked.

Fan Qianshi had never won an argument with the candle dragon, so he decided that there was no point trying. “You are not allowed to use that lousy spell on me that causes me to have nightmares. Otherwise, I will peel off your donkey skin.”

The candle dragon gently shook the light on its head in disapproval. “Actually, I did not mean to give you frightening dreams. My scales are naturally formed with a special ability to rekindle one’s deepest obsession. You are obsessed with something, which makes you an easy victim to fall into your nightmares,” it patiently explained.

With a smirk, Fan Qianshi found its explanation hard to believe. “She is not my deepest obsession. My obsession is to become the only man who rules the six worlds.” He then added, “You should stay away from me.”

The candle dragon was offended. “Are you trying to send me away again?”

Fan Qianshi closed his eyes as he replied, “Go as far away as possible from me. I get frustrated whenever I see you.”

His words were hurtful to the candle dragon, so it decided to leave. “I am running away from home now. Don’t regret what you have said!”

Fan Qianshi remained unresponsive.

The candle dragon lingered by the edge of the hall and seemed ready to go, but Fan Qianshi remained indifferent to its departure.

Suddenly, the candle dragon added, “Actually, it was not entirely my fault that you had those nightmares. I overused my power, which allowed Di Hao to look into parts of your unconscious mind.”

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