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Chapter 2949

The Fall Of A Deity 11

8 months ago 43203 readers Chapter 2949 / 3069

2949 The Fall Of A Deity 11

He said, “Mr. Qianshi, you have been so reckless! The Tushan family belongs to one of our most ancient species.” There are legends and literature that have been passed down from generation to generation in her family, which remain unknown to outsiders. Also, the Nine-Tailed Fox is gifted with an eye to foresee the future. Tushan Ying carries the blood of her family, so it is not surprising that she knows more than us. She was worried about the God of Creation, and seeing the oddity prompted her to share the story with us. She meant no harm, but you chose to deal with it so ruthlessly. Isn’t it rude and inappropriate?”

“That is right. We are all worried about the God of Creation. How could a few inauspicious words do any harm to the Divine Lord at all? Mr. Qianshi, you are overreacting. Your recklessness has abased yourself as the disciple of the creator of the universe.”

“True. Mr. Qianshi was too impetuous! He did not behave like the disciple of the creator of the universe at all.”

“His impulsive behavior must have caused him to become the least favorite person in the eyes of the Divine Lord.”

“Sounds like it. See, if the creator of the universe knew that she was dying, she would have met up with Mr. Qianshi to discuss his succession. Apparently, she did not tell him anything.”

“Of course, she did not tell him anything. The Divine Lord dislikes him, for sure. She must be regretting her decision of taking him as her disciple.”

“Let me remind you that National Master Di is in there as we speak. The Divine Lord is probably discussing with him about the succession of her role and all of her power.”

There were hundreds of people present, each with their own opinion.

Even as a child, his arrogant character had offended many people before he became a disciple of the Divine Lord. The people only chose to treat him respectfully because they respected the Divine Lord.

At present, no one knew if the God of Creation was still alive. There was a chance that she was already gone, so there was less reason for them to continue paying him any respect.

His impetuous act earlier had resulted in a massive wave of criticism.

The remarks of the people were clearly hurtful and unforgiving.

Trembling in agony, Fan Qianshi listened on with a heavy heart.

Wu Qianyan stood by him regardless of the hostility. Furiously, she demanded, “Please stop with the nonsense! The Divine Lord has always been fond of the young master. His knowledge of Kung Fu generally came from the teachings of the Divine Lord, who has always treated him as a disciple. In fact, both of them recently ventured into the lair of the candle dragons to hunt for the egg. The egg was given to the young master as a gift, with clear guidelines on how to hatch the egg. If the Divine Lord did not care about him, why would she risk her life for him?”

“If the Divine Lord really loved her disciple, she would have made him her successor. A candle dragon’s egg does not tell us enough. Maybe she only gave it away to him to keep him busy. With a distraction, he would not interrupt her business.”

The criticism went on and on.

Di Hao was quite confused by the scene. Since he was clearly looking through his mother’s previous life, now that she was immortalized, the playback should have stopped as well, but it did not.

It was at this point that he finally realized how hurtful words could be.

It was just like cyber-bullying in the current era; what Fan Qianshi had gone through was not any less hurtful.

Very often, Fan Qianshi’s views would tend to the extreme. Also, he had to deal with his sense of inferiority after his confessions were rejected multiple times. Di Hao could not help but wonder how he actually felt after listening to the ruthless remarks.

Perhaps he would start to have some doubts about his relationship with Gu Xijiu and think that she really looked down on him.

Worried, Di Hao looked at the jade door fixedly. He knew that Di Fuyi had already recalled his memory and power as the master of heavenly law, which should be a good thing.

If Di Fuyi emerged with newfound power, Fan Qianshi would immediately assume that his master was already immortalized and passed the role to him. At the very least, he would surely be suspicious of Di Fuyi’s remarkable progress.

Venerated Venomous Consort

In a modern world, a professional assassin was murdered by her beloved and found herself revived in an ancient world as a general’s daughter with a weak physique. She was engaged to a prince, but because she did not have a nice appearance, her fiancé and sister attempted to kill her. Although she had to struggle to survive, there were also those who unconditionally loves her that supported her in her time of need.

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