Chapter 2948 The Fall Of A Deity (10)

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At the same time, a streak of seven-colored rays emerged from behind the jade door and flew up straight into the sky.

The crowd was bewildered, completely blown away by the series of strange happenings.

However, it did not take long for the members of the six worlds to report to their rulers.

“Your Highness, the plants are coming back to life. Leaves start to grow again on the bald trees. Even the flowers are blossoming.”

“My King, the blood rain has just stopped. The sun is out! ”

“My Emperor, the lakes are filled with water again. How magical!”

Reports kept pouring in from everywhere.

Those were all good news, but the messengers did not make the news sound good at all. They were sobbing while communicating the information.

Both the callers and receivers were crying, but neither of them understood why.

Tushan Ying, the more knowledgeable among the rulers, spoke, “It… It seems to me like the death of a god has taken place.”

The crowd was utterly stunned.

“When a god dies, all living souls will involuntarily weep. Flowers die. Mountains collapse. Rivers dry up. Even the heavens shed tears of blood.” Tushan Ying spoke calmly.

Nevertheless, the crowd was quick to refute her statement.

“As the ruler of the Monster Kingdom, you should stop spreading ominous reports. When these signs were happening, the Divine Lord was on her way into the Forbidden Land of God. The crane boy saw her.”

“That is right. Moreover, these signs have disappeared. The six worlds are stable now.”

“I am not done yet!” Frustrated, she continued to speak, “When a god dies, her body fades into wisps of wind. In return, the calamities from before will be mended, and the six worlds will thrive. In memory of the mighty god, we all weep in her absence. ”

The crowd found her reasoning to be unacceptable.

Her statements angered Fan Qianshi. Infuriated, he launched a strike at Tushan Ying. “Nonsense! What are you talking about? How can a god ever die? My master will never die. How dare you curse my master with death?”

He channeled all of his strength into that one strike, and since his spiritual power was already at level seven of a Great Deity, he was practically unbeatable.

In recent years, he spent a large amount of time around Gu Xijiu and would hardly show his face in public. He had also concealed his power, so no one knew how great he had become.

Their last impression of him was two and a half years ago, where he appeared to be a mess.

Therefore, they underestimated him.

All the kings and leaders had sworn their loyalty to Di Fuyi, so naturally, they treated Fan Qianshi like he was nobody.

They still thought that Fan Qianshi was only a young inexperienced adult without any power, so they went on and gossiped about him without any restraints, even in his presence. They had no respect for a man who only domineered over others all in the name of his master.

To their utter disbelief, his Kung Fu was remarkable.

Tushan Ying was so severely injured that she almost returned to her original form.

Her servants were attacked as well once they realized that their ruler was in danger. She had to utilize all her knowledge of Kung Fu just to defend herself.

None of them saw it coming. They gasped, aghast at his power.

The forces of the remaining five kingdoms decided to fall back to keep their leaders safe.

Nonetheless, some were desperate to seek vengeance for what Tushan Ying had suffered.

The Emperor of the Human World condemned the lethal act.

He was close with Tushan Ying, so he had to take a stand on her behalf by expressing his complete disapproval of Fan Qianshi’s impetuous act. Eloquently, he was able to express his criticism through reasoning.

He said, “Mr. Qianshi, you have been so reckless! The Tushan family belongs to one of our most ancient species.”

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