Chapter 2945 The Fall Of A Deity (7)

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Fortunately, one piece of his soul remained, so he was reincarnated, and their paths crossed again.

He died for her the last time.

This time around, her life ended early because of him.

It seemed that one could not get what was denied by destiny.

He looked at the vast starlit sky and started contemplating. After a while, he started performing a series of spells. Swirls of seven-colored rays began to surround him, sweeping his robes in the gusts of wind. He made some movements, and the stars were rearranged accordingly, like chess pieces on a board.

At that moment, it seemed that a wisp of wind that he captured from before was encapsulated by a streak of seven-colored rays, and flashed into the dark sky before disappearing entirely.

The series of spells that he cast was obviously very physically demanding. He was already looking pale at that point. “Ah Jiu, after my tragic immortalization, I have spent thousands of years collecting pieces of my broken soul to become a whole again. You can do it, too. I will find you, no matter where you are. I hope we can both be free from the entanglement of our responsibilities. You will no longer be the creator of the universe, and I shall not be the master of heavenly law.”

The starlit sky was endless, but it did not stop him from waving his sleeves to redirect the light of as many stars as he could into a swirl and sent the streak of light right out into the boundless void.

The Forbidden Land of God used to be a very private place.

Only a few people knew about it in all six worlds. The place was widely popularized due to an accidental encounter when Di Fuyi passed by the place about a year ago. He noticed that the clouds around the place seemed rather odd.

He followed his instincts and entered the place, only to realize that it was more than what it seemed to be. There was a tall gate made entirely of emerald jade, with a sign that said: The Forbidden Land Of God.

A gate made of jade was sealed, and two creatures were assigned to guard the door. They carried the appearance of humans, which were actually their evolved figure. In fact, they were both actually crane-like creatures.

From the children, he found out a little bit about the place. It was the birthplace of the god of creation, and the entire place was filled with many dangers to stop people from breaking in. If the violator insisted, he or she would be doomed by a series of strange disasters.

Upon learning about the information, Di Fuyi had an immediate aversion to the place and decided to leave.

However, before he went away, the two crane boys stopped him and made an insane request to erase his memory about the place, claiming that it was a required procedure. The end result was that the two creatures reverted to their former forms as cranes, as Di Fuyi thought that they needed a lesson.

He was very against the idea of having his memory erased by someone else.

In another coincidence, Tushan Ying once went into the place as well and was pursued by the cranes. Driven by frustration, she managed to make one of them surrender to her and took him back. She fed the crane with a miraculous elixir and gave it some additional herbs. Surprisingly, the crane managed to transform into its human form again.

The boy had rarely come across others of its kind. Getting into the Monster Kingdom was like a dream-come-true for him. He befriended many and became less cautious about what to say and what not to say. That was how more and more people got to know about the Forbidden Land of God.

Therefore, the secret became widespread among members of all six worlds. Anyone with a certain degree of social status knew about the place.

Aroused by curiosity, people started to swarm to the place to find out about its secret, but none were able to make it in. As soon as they approached the magnificent jade door, their bodies started to ache. And those who insisted on venturing were all turned into dust.

As the death toll rose, many started to fear for their safety. Over time, the place returned to its usual serenity.

Today, the place was filled with curious crowds again.

Utterly worried, the oddities around the six worlds had prompted the people to relate the incidents back to the creator of the universe.

All the rulers from each kingdom paid a visit to the Tianyin Valley right away but were surprised by the absence of the wizardry barrier that used to secure the place. Meanwhile, Fan Qianshi frantically rushed out from the valley, all the way to the Forbidden Land of God.

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