Chapter 2943 The Fall Of A Deity 5

Streaks of faint light were being channeled away from her body slowly and became immersed in the surrounding seven-colored ray. The aura of the creator of the universe was in abundance, filling the starry sky with her purest power.

The stars continued to shine in dazzling glitters above, but the brighter the starlight, the weaker her breathing became.

Di Fuyi’s heart sank into an abyss of hopelessness all of a sudden.

In a desperate attempt to keep her back, he rushed forward to get to her but was immediately obstructed by a mysterious force.

He wanted to wake her up from her stillness but was nowhere near enough her due to the hindrance.

Trembling, he tried to keep his hands steady to perform a few spells. However, none of them worked. The array formation surrounding her was built with strong defenses, thus blocking his entry. Within the circle, her breathing gradually became weaker to the point that it was almost unnoticeable. Even from afar, he could already how ashen her face had become. Her cherry lips had lost all its colors, and he could see that there was a layer of ice around her eyes and eyelashes.

Afraid of losing her, he started to experience waves of anxiety rushing throughout his body.

“Ah Jiu, please don’t do anything silly! Come out here to me!”

He ceaselessly tried everything he could to break the barrier.

“Come out here! See what I have brought you! Your favorite sour plum wine.”

Even though he was trying to shout as loud as he could, he could tell that he could not speak clearly because of the agonizing pain he was experiencing. “This is the best that I have made so far. You have yet to taste it! Please, will you please come out? These bottles of wine are all yours. I shall drink with you, as much and as long as you want.”

She once told him very proudly that she had a sensitive nose for wine. In fact, nothing could stop her from getting to a good bottle of wine. With only a sniff, she could locate any good wines within miles of her location.

In a desperate attempt to catch her attention, he smashed a few bottles of wine on the ground to infuse the air with its sweet scent. In the past, she would rush to him and address her utmost disapproval.

However, to his dismay, she was still on the lotus altar and did not react at all. Meanwhile, her power was still flowing away in a continuous stream.

The temperature started to drop even further, but she seemed unbothered. In stillness, she sat like a statue that was devoid of any sign of life.

Di Fuyi was aware that Gu Xijiu was not someone who was generally accustomed to the cold. Even the slighted drop in temperature would immediately prompt her to seek warmth. He wished he could be there by her side to warm her up when she needed it most.

All alone, she sat in the ice-cold array formation. Even though Di Fuyi could see her, he felt as though they were miles apart. It would seem that she was unreachable.

He stood on the edge of the Star Formation, helpless watching as his spells were unfortunately bounced off by the mysterious force. He kept his eyes on her all the time and noticed, bit by bit, that her body started to turn transparent. Instantly, she became barely visible, as the surrounding streaks of seven-colored rays shone brighter. Under the intense light, it looked as though she would vanish into thin air at any time. The feeling was too surreal.

Her life was coming to an end.

And the realization shook Di Fuyi to his core. His mind was completely blank, and he could hardly breathe. Desperately, he tried everything he could to break into the wizardry barrier, but all of his attempts were in vain.

“Ah Jiu! Ah Jiu! Let me in, will you? Let me in!?”

Apparently, she could no longer hear him, so none of his cries were heard. He had been tirelessly shouting her name to get her attention, but she remained completely still.

After losing all of her senses, it was only a matter of time before she would disintegrate into dust. He would never be able to find her again!

Realization dawned upon Di Fuyi all of a sudden, thus shattering his faith completely.

In despair, he tried everything that he could to get into the wizardry barrier.

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