Chapter 2939 The Fall Of A Deity

In his chaotic mind, flashes of memory started to play in rewind.

“Why should we end it? I promise that I will never tell anyone or control you in any way.”

“If we insist on carrying out the dissolution, both of us would be punished by the catastrophic thunderbolts. What if I don’t make it?”

“Di Fuyi, what a coincidence. We meet again. Shall we have a drink?”

“Let’s have a drink?”

“Do you have any wine? I think we should have a drink to mark the farewell.”

“What if I died from the catastrophic lightning? I will never be able to drink again.”

Her words continued to echo in his head.

In an instant, his mind was overwhelmed by all of the memories of her. He had not forgotten anything that she said. And now, everything finally made sense.

All of a sudden, he was reminded about the recent reports he received regarding her whereabouts. “Master, the Divine Lord has been spending her time traveling the world, mostly in restaurants and bars. She will always order all of the signature dishes, but only to take a few bites.”

In a rush to find her, Di Fuyi tripped over a stone and almost found himself tumbling into the snow.

He staggered a little before ultimately finding his balance again. Fear and anxiety had completely taken over his state of mind, but he had to find her.

“Ah Jiu, you have to wait for me. You are not allowed to leave.”

“Oh god, why are these flowers withering?”

“What is happening? It is only June, and yet the leaves are already turning brown!”

“Hey, guys, have a look at the lake! It is drying up! Where did the water go? The lake has never dried up before.”

“Such strong winds! Run! Run! My goodness! Has God been infuriated?”

“It is raining! Raining! Oh, god, why is it raining blood?”

The world had turned into a state of complete chaos.

Strong winds continued to ravage the surface, howling eerily like cries of grudging spirits.

All of the streams dried out to the point where even the bottom of the dried lakes started to crack.

Clouds filled the sky, obscuring the sun from reaching the surface. In the stinging rain, streams of red water came down in a splash. It was as if the sky was crying tears of blood.

As soon as Di Fuyi emerged from the glacier, he noticed these unusual happenings that immediately puzzled him.

People were running for their life. Some were crying for help. Others were hiding in vaults. Basically, all of them were equally disturbed and puzzled, not sure of what was actually happening.

Apart from their bafflement, they were also moved by a sudden urge to cry, like an uncontrollable expression of grief that was driving them to tears.

“Master! It is looking bad! The Atlas Mountains of the Celestial Kingdom is falling apart.”

“Master, I am unsure why the Devil Kingdom is now raining meteorites. Many lives are at stake.”

“Master, it does not look good! A massive earthquake struck the Monster Kingdom, tearing the rivers apart. Even the ground is falling apart, too.”

“Master, the beasts of the Animal Kingdom are all howling in unison.”

“Master, the Human World…”

Many reports came in simultaneously from all over the place. Strange happenings had taken over the six worlds at the same time.

His men were trained to be calm, but for the first time, their voices were clearly trembling, and it sounded like they were already in tears.

A wave of great sorrow had taken over every living soul’s heart.

It felt like the end of the world.

Di Fuyi could no longer keep a clear mind, and his legs went weak like jellies.

Due to the stinging rain, no one was out in the streets. Everyone was taking shelter in their homes. Therefore, Di Fuyi was the only one running around in a frenzy under the rain, looking like an idiot.

Unfortunately, no one knew where the location of the God of Creation, so he did not know where he could find her.

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