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Chapter 2937

The Dissolution Of Their Discipleship 5

8 months ago 43203 readers Chapter 2937 / 3069

2937 The Dissolution Of Their Discipleship 5

Gu Xijiu stood firm and steady. Her clothes looked as neat and tidy as always; not a strain of her hair was misplaced. In stark contrast, Di Fuyi looked like a complete mess in ragged clothes after the catastrophe.

“Are you doing all right?” Di Fuyi took a step towards her and asked.

Gu Xijiu gently shook her head while dismissing his question with a wave. “I am fine. Now go.”

Her voice sounded a little hoarse but was still clear. From the sound of her voice, it seemed that she was in a better condition than him, in fact. The only thing he noticed was that her complexion was a little pale, but nothing physically alarming.

Unimpressed, Di Fuyi pursed his lips into a thin line. With another bold step forward, he then grasped her by the wrist. “Let me examine your pulse.”

All of a sudden, he could feel his hand being flung away fiercely. Apparently, Gu Xijiu did not control her strength as she wanted to push his hand away. She ended up tossing the man about 30 feet away.

Luckily, Di Fuyi had not entirely lost his defensive instincts. With a swift turn in the air, he managed to channel the force away and made a perfect landing. He looked back at her, only to catch an icy look in her eyes. There was an immense sense of authority as she looked down at him, immediately setting a distance between them. To add to Di Fuyi’s disappointment, she spoke coldly, “You and I have nothing to do with one another now. You don’t have to see me anymore.”

Immediately after speaking, she disappeared into thin air.

Obviously, she had teleported away.

Di Fuyi stood frozen for a moment. He closed his eyes and ignored the fear in his mind as he tried to make sense of the situation. His analysis told him that her strength should be around level two of a Great Deity. Her complexion was not so bad either. At least she could still perform teleportation. Her condition was much better than the last time he saw her in the glacier. From these observations, it was safe to assume that she was doing just fine, though her spiritual power might have been affected to a certain degree. She should able to recover her strength after a few days in the glacier.

He knew it was his fault for pushing her boundaries to the extreme, but he was really reluctant to continue being her disciple. He certainly did not want to walk in Fan Qianshi’s footsteps.

Then, his eyes caught hold of his bare wrist. Di Fuyi only intention was to stop being her disciple, so he did not fully understand why the Love Bracelet would break apart as it did.

However, he did not believe that a pair of bracelets could predetermine their fate. Besides, he already had a plan. In a few days, he would pay her a visit to her and bring her some wine.

He knew how much she liked the sour plum wine, so he personally made a few gallons of it. He was certain that the taste was guaranteed to be the finest. She would definitely like it.

By offering Gu Xijiu her favorite food and wine, he believed that the compensation would be enough for him to ask for her forgiveness.

Even if she refused to forgive him at first, the two of them were immortals, so he still had a long time to deal with the problem. If she liked to eat, he would bring her to all six worlds in search of the finest food. He knew that there were some restaurants with excellent delicacies that she had yet to try.

The scorching sun continued to burn in the desert, so it did not take long for Di Fuyi to work up a sweat. He made a thorough examination of his body and found out that his blood circulation was generally fine without the slightest obstruction. The only noteworthy change was a decrease in his spiritual power, but it was only mildly affected, almost negligible.

He heaved a sigh as he was relieved that the catastrophic lightning did not pose any real harm to its victims, after all. The pain was actually tolerable.

Furthermore, his spiritual power was lower than hers, so if he could handle the aftermath with ease, so could she.

Di Fuyi’s analytical skill was never wrong, but no amount of evidence could calm his raging and restless heart; it was like an important part of his life was about to come to an end.

There were urgent matters that he should attend to, but he could no longer concentrate.

He needed to see her.

He wanted to see her, even if only from afar. He needed to be sure that she was fine.

However, her teleportation skill left no traces of where she went. There was no way he could simply follow her footprints to find her.

After a brief pause, he decided to ride on a cloud and search the area within a hundred-mile radius. He had to stay focused and look for her, even though he was thoroughly exhausted.

Venerated Venomous Consort

In a modern world, a professional assassin was murdered by her beloved and found herself revived in an ancient world as a general’s daughter with a weak physique. She was engaged to a prince, but because she did not have a nice appearance, her fiancé and sister attempted to kill her. Although she had to struggle to survive, there were also those who unconditionally loves her that supported her in her time of need.

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