Chapter 2910 The Divine Lord Was Killed (4)

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Therefore, the regent did not expect Fan Qianshi to change direction at such a critical moment.What was even more annoying was that his precious son actually echoed his thoughts! He angrily said, “It is a matter concerning the life of the God of Creation! How can we let it go so easily? We must take Di Fuyi down today!”

“Yes! Yes! He must have killed the God of Creation! The Divine Lord is so kind and fair. She is highly respected and won love from all the six realms. We must seek revenge for her!” Many people began to echo.

The regent felt proud in his heart. He did not want this matter to be delayed anymore. He had created a good momentum, and the odds were in his favor, so he waved his hand to gesture the start of the attack.

Just then, many swords charged toward Di Fuyi and his fiance.The soldiers wielding them were all at a level equivalent to a Might Immortal in the Upper Bound. Needless to say, they were ferocious and dangerous! Obviously, the regent did not want to catch Di Fuyi alive. The man wanted him dead.

It was beyond his expectation that Di Fuyi and his followers could block the attack. The regent stood there and sneered. Whoever blocks me needs to die! Today was the day that he would take the opportunity to eliminate Di Fuyi once and for all!

The smile on his lips had not fully spread before… “Shuaaaa!” A sound was heard, and a colorful barrier appeared across the sky, which guarded Di Fuyi and his team. The colorful barrier blocked several sword squadrons that were charging at them viciously.

The commotion did not end there. The knives were hit against the colored barrier were turned into slag and scattered around the ground.

The regent’s facial expression changed abruptly, and he subconsciously stepped back. Meanwhile, there were people in the devil world that recognized the enchanting barrier. They exclaimed, “It is the God of Creation’s enchantment! The God of Creation is here!”

“The God of Creation! Gosh, she is the God of Creation!”


Inside the barrier, Gu Xijiu, who had always been carrying the appearance of an average person, directly revealed her real face. She looked stunning and put a group of female demons to shame.Her long dress was fluttering, and her body was shrouded in light. Her aura was so mighty that it put immense pressure on the people around her. She looked like a god who was overlooking her beings.

Some of the senior generals from the devil world had once followed the Devil King to celebrate the birthday of the God of Creation. Therefore, they were fortunate enough to see her original appearance from afar before and immediately recognized it.

The regent never expected that the ordinary woman next to Di Fuyi was actually the God of Creation. He was also stunned for a moment, and this time, he did not keep his composure! Even his fingers were trembling.

The appearance of the God of Creation could be faked by someone daring, but the enchantment that she used could only be performed by the real God of Creation and not anyone else. This enchantment was basically her iconic move, and no one could copy it.

Many people had seen the God of Creation’s enchantment in the devil world. Even if the regent wanted to deny her identity, he could not do it now.Sure enough, after she exposed this skill, many people were screaming and kneeled out of respect.

In just a second, everyone had kneeled.The regent legs went soft too, and he succumbed eventually. Meanwhile, Meng Wuya looked pale as he slowly kneeled to the ground. It turned out that she was the God of Creation! No wonder those evil spirits dared not approach her before.

Finally, he realized that he actually kidnapped the God of Creation for three days! He also pretended to seduce her to keep his father’s plan intact. In fact, he felt that seducing her was a downgrade. It was only now that he realized that he was the one who was on a lower platform.

She must have found his entire act equivalent to clowns jumping around in a circus, right? Or was it like watching a monkey performing some tricks?

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