Chapter 2905 The Proposal (4)

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Gu Xijiu never turned back. She only waved him goodbye. “My prince, there is no need to escort me. Don’t worry. I have no problem with your sister marrying him as long as it is something he wants to do.”

Meng Wuya was speechless. He never thought that she knew about his plan all along. In the beginning, Gu Xijiu was just an accessory in his plan. He never actually cared about her. But watching her leave now finally made him confront his feelings.

“Little Jiu, I really like you,” he said to her, truthfully this time.

“Roar!” A sudden cry alarmed Meng Wuya.

He knew that someone must have hit the water and consequently triggered the devil spirits. He assumed that it must be someone fearless in the face of death.

All of a sudden, the water from above started to become clouded with bubbles. Chaotically, these Devil spirits started fleeing down from above, as if they had seen something utterly horrifying. Meanwhile, Gu Xijiu slowly made her way up, so the devil spirits from the bottom had to move upward to let her through. In an instant, the two opposing forces collided! Panicked, the devil spirits started fleeing in all directions from the chaos.

Meng Wuya did not know what to say, for he had never seen anything quite like this before. He had been in and out of the Soulless River many times, and there had never been an oddity in the spirits’ behavior, apart from their ferocity.

Someone powerful must have caused the panic, but he had no idea who it could be. Nevertheless, his confusion was soon answered. Glimpses of purple light could be seen shining through the dark water, like the sun in a heavily clouded sky. The ball of light was traveling down the water at an impressive pace.

Meng Wuya could not hold his astonishment any longer. The newcomer was Di Fuyi! He never thought that the man would find them here.

Because of the pace that he was traveling, it only took around a second for Di Fuyi to reach Gu Xijiu. Both of them were coming together from different directions, so they stopped abruptly to take a better look at one another. After a long sigh of relief, Di Fuyi went on to grasp her by the wrist. “Jiu!” He called out her name.

Gu Xijiu had to make a swift turn to avoid his hand. She shifted her body aside and asked, rather dully, “Why are you here?”

Di Fuyi was surprised by her lack of emotion.

He continued, “Good to see that you are doing fine. Let’s talk when we get out.”

The devil spirits were still circling in the dark water, so it was not the best place for them to talk. Gu Xijiu agreed, and with a nod, she continued to make her way up.

Initially, she wanted to talk to him in a quiet place after getting back on the shore. Their engagement had to be formally and peacefully dissolved, as there was no point in continuing the show. From then on, she wanted nothing to do with him, whether he chose to marry someone else or not.

She had to be firm in order to make Di Fuyi agree to her. After all, he was already dating the princess. She refused to be an unnecessary burden in their relationship. However, what happened onshore was completely out of her expectations.

The quiet riverside was no longer the way it was before. Mountains of people of different social classes were all present by the river. As soon as she made her way out of the water, she immediately became the center of attention.

Gu Xijiu felt as though she was lost. What was happening? Was the Devil Kingdom hosting a major meeting by the river? There were some faces that she recognized – Yin Jiusi, the regent, Meng Liuqing, and Yin Mingzhu were standing among the crowd.

She looked around and caught something even more surprising. Two individuals with the least interest in the matters here in the Devil Kingdom were both present as well – Fan Qianshi and Wu Qianyan.They were among the spectators staring at her fixedly like everyone else.

Fan Qianshi was casually there to see what was about to unfold, but his face fell as soon as Gu Xijiu emerged from the water.

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