Chapter 2900 The Dissolution Of Their Engagement (4)

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There was a table set that was entirely carved from crystals, embellished with a base of emerald jade. The bed was made of white jade, complete with a sophisticated pearl lamp. The mermaid silk decorations gently danced in the current, softly creasing with fine lines like a natural work of art.

Gu Xijiu found herself on the white jade bed as she studied the entire setting of the place. Puzzled, she thought that Meng Wuya needed her to threaten Di Fuyi. As a hostage, she should be kept in some sort of confinement with the highest level of security, or even tortured with some form of extreme punishment. Therefore, she was mentally prepared for the worst. But to her surprise, she ended up in such a picturesque place. More accurately, it was some form of crystal palace that appeared to be an architectural masterpiece.

The crystal palace was situated at the bottom of the most famous river in the Devil Kingdom – the Soulless River.Her last visit to the Soulless River opened her eyes to many resentful devil spirits in the water. These devils could those who died a painful death, or those that still kept an ill resentment within them. Their grudge forced them to linger on, and eventually, they became savagely fierce creatures that swallowed anything or anyone they saw in the river. Even the bones of their unfortunate victims will vanish.

It was completely out of her expectation that there would be a remarkable crystal palace nestling at the bottom of the river. When Meng Wuya first dived into the water, she was actually quite concerned about the structure of the wizardry barrier. A slight error would allow the fierce devil spirits to break through the barrier, and if that happened, she would have no choice but to reveal her true self and shatter these spirits with her own power.

Luckily, the wizardry barrier that Meng Wuya cast was extremely solid. No matter how the devil spirits tried to break in, the barrier remained completely unaffected; there was not even a scratch. The quality was really impressive.

Gu Xijiu finally felt at ease and continued to play her role as a sweet, enchanted hostage in his bubble-shaped wizardry barrier. In fact, she was curious to see what he wanted to do. Surprisingly, he left hastily as soon as he hid her away in the crystal palace, leaving Gu Xijiu with a lot of question marks in her head. What was he trying to do, actually?Read more chapter on

Fortunately, it did not take long for him to return from his impromptu trip. Finally, she knew what he actually wanted. He was trying to seduce her. The man showed her around the crystal palace and told her every fancy detail about the place. Thanks to his commentary, she knew that the place was solely built by him. Every single brick or tile had its own story. The whole tour was actually a major revelation of how he prevailed against many other creatures.

At first, Gu Xijiu was quite interested in finding out the intention of the man, but the storyline soon became dry and dull. She finally figured out that he was trying to make himself sound like an unrivaled man so that she would admire his exemplary heroism.

Luckily, apart from kidnapping her, Meng Wuya was quite polite to her so far. He did not keep her unconscious or locked up. It would seem that the man needed to win her heart.

Women would usually be attracted to heroes, especially the ones who kept them safe. Meng Wuya believed so, at least. He had kept the devil spirits away while they were traveling in the river, as her presence had drawn too much attention. And later, a severe earthquake shook the riverbed, so he steadilystarted casting a series of spells to support the crystal palace from collapsing. “Don’t worry. I shall keep you safe,” he kept reassuring.

Since he seemed to have everything under control, Gu Xijiut took his service for granted and just sat and watched.

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