Chapter 2896 A Coincidence

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The hill was quite a distance away from the city.

At night, she counted what she had collected after an entire day and realized that she was short of 20 pieces. She needed just one day more to harvest the rest. Therefore, she decided to save the hassle of traveling back and forth and stayed the night.

The hill that had numerous spiritual stones was one of the very few places in the Devil Kingdom that she could see the full moon. It was the time of the month where the whole disc of the moon was illuminated. The sky could be seen scattered with white clouds.

Gu Xijiu slowly massaged her aching wrist, which was sore from a full day of work. The full moon was too beautiful to be missed, so she decided to sit on a rock and watch the moon.

The place was quiet since some ferocious beasts inhabited the hill, which managed to keep most people away. Besides, the spiritual stones had no value to the people in the Devil Kingdom, so not many bothered to come. Therefore, she could spend her time alone and undisturbed.

Her Kung Fu was powerful enough to keep her safe from the ferocious beasts. In fact, a simple wizardry barrier was enough to keep her safe; there was nothing that she needed to worry about. Furthermore, since she was quite tired from a long day of work, she soon dozed off by the stone.

Surprisingly, she could hear someone talking nearby.

“National Master, this is the most beautiful place in all of the Devil Kingdom. Isn’t it nice?” A clear and melodious was heard. It was the voice of the little princess!

“It’s not bad,” Di Fuyi casually answered.

All of a sudden, Gu Xijiu became wide awake.

She looked around and saw the duo from afar. Di Fuyi and the little princess, Meng Liuqing, were strolling side by side.

Unfortunately, the wizardry barrier that Gu Xijiu had set up could only keep the beasts away but could hide her from the pair. It did not take long for them to realize she was there.

The little princess looked surprised. “Hmm, isn’t she… Miss Jiu?”

She could see Di Fuyi’s deep eyes under the moonlight as he asked, “Are you spending the night here?” He took a moment to study her.

Gu Xijiu brushed the grass away from her dress before standing up. “I need to come again tomorrow, so I thought I might as well stay here.”

She locked her gaze on the duo and recalled Di Fuyi’s last words to her. He said he was going to find a lady. Was the little princess the one for him?

Gu Xijiu was confident that the toxins had been removed from his body. Therefore, there was no need for him to find another woman.

Meanwhile, the little princess could not keep her eyes off from Gu Xijiu. Unsteadily, she stumbled and fell into Di Fuyi’s arms.

“Be careful,” he said while helping her up.

The little princess could be seen blushing. “I will be more careful. Whatever you say,” she answered with a nod.

She then gave Gu Xijiu a quick look, as if showing off.

“National Master, why don’t we take a walk over there? It is a good spot to watch the moon,” the little princess swiftly suggested.

“Sure.” Di Fuyi seemed to be in a good mood. Quickly, they walked away together.

Puzzled, Gu Xijiu sat back down on the rock and gave her temples a good rub.

Di Fuyi had been acting rather cold and reserved. Perhaps, he was still mad at her. She should talk to him tomorrow when her work was all done. It had been a very long day for her, so she needed to rest for the time being.

A good night’s sleep was all she needed as there was plenty of hard work to do in the morning. Quickly, she closed her eyes.But soon, she realized that she could no longer sleep. It was rather noisy at the other end of the hill. Gu Xijiu never knew that the little princess could be so talkative and vivacious. She certainly had an arsenal of dramatic expressions to showcase.

“Wow! It is so beautiful! This is really the most beautiful place!”

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