Chapter 2887 The Plot

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Yin Mingzhu sighed with relief. She still believed that she could rely on Fan Qianshi. “When will you come forward to help my father to regain his power? I feel so annoyed every time I see the arrogant regent and his daughters. They are not even real princesses but are pampered by everyone as though they are. It is too disgusting!”

“Rest assured, it is not the right timing yet. I have made my arrangements. Once the time is right, I will come out and sort this matter out once and for all. It should not take too long to get this settled.”

Yin Mingzhu smiled after she got his assurance. Her eyes flashed with delight, and she replied, “Qianshi, I always knew that you would help me. It’s good to be your acquaintance!”

Fan Qianshi smiled and raised his hand to touch her hair. “Silly girl. Although I don’t like you romantically, I really treat you as a friend, and perhaps, even as my sister. If you are wronged, I will help you.”

Yin Mingzhu bit her lips, nodded, turned, and was about to go. But Fan Qianshi suddenly asked another question, “Is the woman around Di Fuyi still following him around all day?”

To which Yin Mingzhu replied, “They are a really loving couple. I heard that their wedding date is approaching. Whenever Di Fuyi is not in the palace to see my father, he will stay by her side all day and night.They hang out during the day and even sleep together at night. I guess they must have shared an intimate moment already. Strangely, the woman looks rather ordinary; I did not expect her to have such good fortune to catch the eyes of Di Fuyi. You don’t know how much that bitch Meng Liuqing is angry because of this matter. She can’t wait to rip the body of the woman named ‘Ah Jiu’ apart!”

Meng Liuqing was the youngest daughter of the regent, the young princess. Yin Mingzhu did not like her for quite some time now. Hence, she could not hold herself back from uttering a few more harsh remarks, “Meng Luiqing always considered herself to be very pretty and only wants to marry the most handsome man in all of the six realms. When Di Fuyi arrived, she immediately fell in love with him and wanted to marry him. She frequently found reasons to approach him, but Di Fuyi did not have any feelings toward her. He even ignored her and embarrassed her in public. It was pleasing to see that!”

Fan Qianshi shook his head slightly. He did not believe that Di Fuyi would really fall in love with an ordinary woman. Perhaps, he was only using her to act as a shield against other women. Nevertheless, Di Fuyi had always kept a distance from other women. If he only treated her as a shield, would he actually sleep with her?

This contradiction really made it seem that Di Fuyi was falling in love with that woman. Fan Qianshi shook his head to dismiss any thought of that man. Besides, if Di Fuyi really fell in love with a woman named ‘Ah Jiu,’ it did not really matter to him. At the very least, he has removed one rival to win his beloved’s heart.

Although he did not know the reason, Fan Qianshi somehow always had the feeling that Di Fuyi was not only a rival to him in terms of his career but also in terms of finding a relationship. Seeing that the man had found himselfa lover, he felt rather relieved. Perhaps, he should even intervene to help them get closer.

All of a sudden, he turned his palms over and poured a bottle of light liquid in his palm. He sniffed it slightly and pursed his lips. Then, he thought about the fact that Di Fuyi had slept with another woman.The two people, whether indeed in love or not, had slept together. His master was obsessed with cleanliness, so if Di Fuyi had slept with another woman, Gu Xijiu would no longer be willing to have a relationship with him. Even if Di Fuyi became the ruler of the six realms, it would not make a difference.

He clapped his hands together, and blue smoke appeared and landed on the ground. The smoke swiftly clumped together and turned into a child that bowed to him.

Fan Qianshi handed the bottle to the child and whispered a few words to it.Then, the child snorted and turned away. Later, Fan Qianshi looked in the direction in which the child disappeared, wiped his hands, and smiled.

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