Chapter 2882 I Would Risk My Life For You (4)

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“In that case, do you need me to restore my appearance? Otherwise, others will not know that I am your fiancée.”

“Let’s wait for a few more days; it is not the right time now.”

Di Fuyi did not want her to feel as though he was using her reputation to win him favors in the devil world. He wanted to rely on his own abilities to achieve his goal.

Naturally, Gu Xijiu did not know what he was thinking about in his heart, but she understood that he must have his own reasons for doing so, so she did not insist on anything. “Okay, I will listen to you.”

She waved to him again and said, “I am sleepy. Little Fu Yi, you can go and do your own things now.”

Di Fuyi was stunned by her statement. “Can you take away the word ‘Little’?”

Gu Xijiu was too sleepy and could barely open her eyes. “You are really much younger than me.”

“Even if I am younger than you, you cannot address me this way!”

“Okay. I will address you as Fuyi then. By the way, you are not allowed to address me as ‘baby’ either.” Every time he called her ‘baby,’ it always gave her goosebumps.

Di Fuyi walked out with a smile and left her with only one sentence, “I will try to.”

Noise from outside the room awakened Gu Xijiu.

“What’s wrong?” She got out from under the cloak and opened the door.

She was shocked by the big crowd of people assembled outside the hostel. It was a large group of women! Gu Xijiu roughly estimated that there should be almost a hundred people.

These women were all dressed in a bright green uniform. When they arranged themselves together, they looked like overlapping leaves. These women were carrying a red sedan chair, and from where Gu Xijiu was standing, the sedan chair was a little red mark in the clump of green, which was particularly contrasting to the eye.

The curtain of the sedan was hanging down, and it was clear that the owner had not come out yet.

When Gu Xijiu opened the door, she heard someone said, “Well, she has come out! She has come out! Princess, she has emerged!”

“She is so arrogant for making our princess wait here for so long!”

“Exactly! What is so great about her? Just because National Master Di pampers her, she thinks it justifies her being so arrogant.”

There were lots of gossips about Gu Xijiu coming from outside. Gu Xijiu ignored the noise and turned to look at the servant outside the door. The servants quickly reported the incident to her. It turned out that she was the princess who came was the youngest daughter of the regent. Before Di Fuyi left, he ordered the servant to make sure that no one was allowed to disturb her. Therefore, when the princess arrived, the servant kept the door shut and refused to inform Gu Xijiu about her visit. This matter had caused a small dispute.

Gu Xijiu heard of this young princess before. She knew that the regent had two daughters and a son. The eldest daughter was Meng Liuxiang, who was sealed away by Yin Jiusi at the peak. And the second daughter was the one who arrived today. It was said that her skills were decent, but her most prominent feature was her appearance. She was known as the most beautiful person in the devil world. Many people went to the regent to ask if they could propose to her even when she was still growing up. Ironically, she was more popular than her skilled sister.

Since this princess was always the center of attention, she had grown to be very proud. She would not even concern herself with a commoner. The only person she wanted to marry was the most handsome man in the six realms.

Gu Xijiu was somewhat puzzled as to why this beauty would come to visit her. Did she come for the wrong person? She then turned to ask the servant, “Does she want to see me? Or is she here for your master?”

Before the servant answered, there was a crisp voice that sounded like a bell that could be heard. ” I want to see this girl.”

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