Chapter 2879 I Would Risk My Life For You

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After that incident, they no longer despised the ordinary-looking woman onboard with them.

In fact, prior to the wizardry barrier that she set up, the crew already knew that the woman was talented because of the way she played chess! Apparently, she had brutally beaten Di Fuyi in the two games that they played.

Some of these fairy kids were also masters in chess, so they knew when someone was gifted. They originally wanted to learn the game from afar, but after they watched a few moves from the pair, they felt as though their heads somehow swelled, and their eyes were dizzy. Some of them even lost their balance once they moved their eyes away from the board.After trying to figure out the game several times, they did not dare to look at it anymore. Their gazes were only locked on their master, and the woman sat opposite him.

When Di Fuyi started playing the game, he did not seem to take it very seriously.However, after two moves, his face turned serious, and he seemed to think very carefully before every move. Nevertheless, he was still thoroughly defeated at the end.

Di Fuyi did not give up and wanted to play another game. Gu Xijiu agreed and even teased the man, “If you feel uncomfortable, don’t force yourself.”

Di Fuyi nodded. “Alright!”

Therefore, the two of them got down to the second game. This time the game lasted even longer than before, but in the end, Di Fuyi was still defeated. The main difference was that he lost fewer chess pieces than in the previous game.

The man could not help but sigh. “I have never lost a game of chess, and today, I actually lost two games.”

To which Gu Xijiu replied, “You have already exceeded my expectations!”

She taught Fan Qianshi about this game before. At that time, she needed to repeat the rules five times before Fan Qianshi could even remember it. When they played their first game, he felt dizzy halfway through and needed assistance from Gu Xijiu to get rid of his headache. Nevertheless, the end result was as expected – Fan Qianshi lost terribly and even slept for two days straight right after the game.

Although Fan Qianshi’s second attempt was better, the man could barely finish the game. He made plenty of careless mistakes and lost many unnecessary pieces. Overall, it was quite a miserable game for him.

To date, Gu Xijiu and Fan Qianshi had already played this type of chess hundreds of times. Although he did not lose so severely of late, he still needed to sleep for at least a day to restore his energy.

Therefore, watching Di Fuyi play two games consecutively and still not look tired was already amazing! In fact, he actually looked more energetic than before. Certainly, this came as a big surprise to Gu Xijiu. She thought about something and asked, “Have you ever played this kind of chess before?”

Di Fuyi shook his head. “No!”

If he had played such an exciting game before, he would definitely study it thoroughly and would not be so severely defeated like he was today. The man still wanted to play and asked Gu Xijiu to play another game with him.

Gu Xijiu looked at him for a moment and then smiled. “Well, I will accompany you today!”

So the two of them ended up playing chess for the entire journey.

When Di Hao reached this scene, he could not help but sigh. He knew that the chess that his mother taught his father to play was the starry game that he saw in a vision. It seemed that in his mother’s subconscious, she still thought that Di Fuyi was the best candidate for the role. Even if he was not her disciple, she wanted to teach him something.

Di Hao’s eyes then went to his mother’s face, and he shook his head gently. As a man from the future and the next Master of the Heavenly Law, he naturally knew some of the rules. Di Hao knew that the world needed a God of Creation as well asa Master of the Heavenly Law.

The God of Creation managed the growth of the six worlds and ensured that they would thrive. However, the rules of the world would have to be governed independently by another party. The Master of the Heavenly Law managed the rules set rules for the six realms to enable the world to function.

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