Chapter 2876 We Need To Display Our Affection Publicly (3)

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Di Fuyi answered confidently, “Why not?” He then burst out laughing before continuing, “The six worlds long for a time of tranquility and prosperity. I will do my best to turn the mess around and restore peace.”

His statement was nothing short of arrogant, but Gu Xijiu did not find it revolting in any way. On the contrary, she found him quite attractive now that she had seen another side of him. Nevertheless, his attractive physical appearance also played a part in that.

Since Gu Xijiu was much older than everyone else, she found it difficult to be impressed by others. Di Fuyi, however, was an exception. He appeared to be a man of exceptional abilities, and more importantly, he seemed like someone whom she could trust. The more she stared at him, the more she felt a spark in her heart. Never had she encountered such feelings before, so she was curious too.

Meanwhile, Di Fuyi reflected on her concerns and abruptly added, “Don’t you worry.”

“Huh?” Gu Xijiu was no longer on the same page. Was there anything that she should be worried about?

“As always, you will remain as the creator of the universe for all eternity. I shall never replace you,” Di Fuyi reassured.

With a smile and a gentle tap on his shoulder, Gu Xijiu responded cheerfully, “You have overthought. In fact, I cannot wait for you to take over my role, so I…” All of a sudden, she stopped speaking as she was not sure if she was allowed to reveal such a secret.

Nonetheless, Di Fuyi knew that something was up. “What about you?”

“So that I can rest. Being the creator of the universe is quite an exhausting job. I would rather travel the world freely without any responsibilities or commitments.”

Di Fuyi rubbed her hair and replied, “Don’t worry. When my job here in the six worlds is done, I will go everywhere with you, and we can do anything you want.”

“It is just the two of us now, so there is no need for you to continue acting,” Gu Xijiu smilingly teased.

He kept spoiling her, which was something she was not quite used to. She almost thought that he was being serious about getting married.

Di Fuyi looked at her intensely. “The show must go on. You have to get used to it. Otherwise, we will easily show expose our secret,” he responded with a smile.

With a smirk, Gu Xijiu answered, “You are such a good actor.” She then added after a sigh, “I am glad that we are not enemies. Otherwise, I would surely have a hard time.”

She heard about the secret plans that he made with Yin Jiusi – most of it was quite cruel and relentless. A chill ran down her spine when they exchanged their thoughts as she had never thought that he would be this iron-hearted when he had to deal with his enemies. He would make a good friend or a disastrous enemy.

Understanding what Gu Xijiu meant, Di Fuyi sighed. “Xijiu, some things cannot be distinguished entirely between good and bad. As long as what we want in the end is good, the process should not matter too much.”

He was right. Not all war tactics were honest and forthright. Sometimes, violence must be met with violence. Sometimes, killing was necessary to prevent the loss of more innocent lives. One had to be tough during these harsh times. As the saying went – a good man would never rule for long.

The current Devil King was a good example. In fact, he was a scholar. His poems were highly appraised by society. However, his poetic talent was not quite helpful when it came to the ruling of a kingdom. He did not have the eye for people and certainly did not know how to distinguish the goods ones from the bad ones. Also, he did not have a firm stance on matters and listened to whatever he was told. Very often, he would find himself indulging in bottles of wine with beautiful companions by his side, possibly distracted by his enemies. And soon, his power of governance fell into the hands of the regent, thus putting the masses in dire poverty.

When a king was a bad ruler, the kingdom would have to suffer with him. An innocent man would only get himself into trouble because of his power. He was obviously incapable of ruling, and yet he refused to retire. Thus, removing him was the only way.

Di Fuyi’s plan for Yin Jiusi was to get rid of the king, through the hands of another man.

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