Chapter 2867 Marry Me (2)

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“I know that you secretly contacted Di Fuyi about two months ago, didn’t you? You want him to assist the Devil King so that together, all of you can dismiss my father from his position.”

Yin Jiusi suddenly stopped speaking. He pinched his lips into a thin line and said nothing more.

Meanwhile, Meng Lixuiang continued to lash out at him, “Yin Jiusi, although my father disapproves of you, he never mistreated you, all because of me. Seriously, you should stop making yourself his enemy. Otherwise, not even I can keep you alive. If my father found out about the rebellious plans of yours, he would be really mad.”

After a pause, Yin Jiusi suddenly became very firm in his stance. “This kingdom has always been my family’s territory. Your father is the only rebel. Meng Liuxiang, if I insisted on carrying out my plan, what are you going to do about it?”

Meng Liuxiang shone her sword before his eyes right away. “I will have to kill you. Yin Jiusi, I like you, but I shall never turn against my father.”

Instantly, Yin Jiusi stopped waving the paper fan in his hand. “All right, do it then. Meng Liuxiang, I now offer you the chance to fight with me,” he said. In an instant, he turned his paper fan into a sword.

Gu Xijiu was hiding in the corner, quietly observing the couple that had just turned their backs against one another and became enemies. In fact, she was particularly drawn to Yin Jiusi.

Before the showdown, he used to have the attitude of a playboy. However, his character had instantaneously switched from a playboy to that of a nobleman. It was just like a mask that he had stripped off, finally revealed another side of him – matured, sharp, and grim.

It would appear that the man was only concealing his abilities and carrying the image of a playboy. Gu Xijiu could tell just by one look that the man was nothing short of extraordinary. It was a shame that the princess was unaware of his true colors.

She had an excellent foundation in Kung Fu but was too reckless and naïve. It would appear as though she had just dug her own grave.

Yin Jiusi was, undoubtedly, a gentleman. Although his plans had been uncovered, he did not attack Meng Liuxiang right away. Instead, he offered her a fair chance to fight, though the lady might not be a match to him at all.

Intrigued by the ongoing situation, Gu Xijiu decided to keep watching.

Meng Liuxiang had never thought that Yin Jiusi would be courageous enough to fight her. “You have just made a death wish,” she teased, arrogantly.

She decided that he needed to be taught a lesson so that he would know when to back off.

Yin Jiusi gave his sword a flick and answered icily, “Meng Liuxiang, I will do my best, and that is what I hope you will do, too. Let’s make it a matter of life and death.”

Meng Liuxiang answered his statement by launching her first strike. Thus, the battle began.

There were merely ten moves in the entire battle. Ten moves were enough to settle the matter and put it to rest. As soon as the battle ended, one of them was about to die. Meng Liuxiang was already lying on the ground, with blood slowly tracing down her cheeks. She stared at Yin Jiusi in utter disbelief, struggling to find her words. “You have been… You have been hiding your true self all along.”

Yin Jiusi transformed the sword back into his folded paper fan and replied, “Meng Liuxiang, you are now defeated.”

Meng Liuxiang was in critical condition at that point. “I did not… I did not do my best,” she struggled to reply.

Yin Jiusi spoke slowly, “You would not be able to defeat me even if you did.”

Meng Liuxiang did not answer. In fact, she was not able to say anything more.

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