Chapter 2866 Marry Me

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The man was undeniably good looking and had delicate features and elegant charm. He had a paper fan in his hand, which labeled him as a typical good-for-nothing from a wealthy family. The way he smiled made Gu Xijiu feel slightly uncomfortable.

The lady was a beauty too, with a bright display of nobility and prominence in the air around her that kept her aloof from everyone else.

Gu Xijiu soon recognized them. The man was the brother of the Devil King, Yin Jiusi, known as the profligate son of the royal family who made no attempts to achieve anything in his life. His only hobbies were traveling, bird-feeding, and cricket fighting. The brothel was where he spent most of his time at, with many beautiful women as his companions.

The lady was known as Meng Liuxiang, the beloved daughter of the regent, Meng Tiancheng. She was born with talent in Kung Fu. In just a few centuries, she was able to achieve the level of a Mighty Immortal, thus gaining her the name of being the number one talent in the Devil Kingdom. Many men had asked for her hand, but she was only interested in Yin Jiusi. She would follow him around whenever she could.

The regent disliked Yin Jiusi’s playboy attitude. Otherwise, his daughter would be married to the man by now.

Yin Jiusi, on the other hand, was reluctant to be controlled by a woman. He preferred his life of leisure and freedom. Therefore, he ignored Ming Liuxiang most of the time. In fact, he was slightly annoyed about how clingy she was, so he would stay as far away as he could. Nevertheless, his Kung Fu was nowhere near as good as hers. Every time he went to hide, she would always find him using the tracking spell.

Gu Xijiu never thought that she would see them both here today. From their interaction, she knew that the pair were traveling. However, the mountain was completely closed, so without the regent’s permission, no one was allowed to get close to the peaks.

These soldiers did not care much about Yin Jiusi but were intimidated by Meng Liuxiang. She shouted at them furiously, and they immediately let her in.

Gu Xijiu was curious about what they were going to do, so she tailed them.

The Devil Resisting Herbs were flourishing at the peak. The place became an expanse of lush green crops that danced in the breeze. There were at least 180 pieces of herbs in the field. When the herbs were ready to be harvested, the hills became ablaze with green blossoms. Like pieces of green flowers, the herbs looked very enticing.

Nevertheless, it was not easy to collect the herbs as four ferocious beasts surrounded the field. The beasts would remain still when there was no one around. However, when there was an intruder within a 30-feet radius, these four creatures would be triggered into a frenzy. Right at the danger zone, Yin Jiusi and Meng Liuxiang started arguing.

Initially, Yin Jiusi was only planning to have a walk around the mountain, but soon changed his mind when he saw the herbs. He wanted to collect some and bring them home as souvenirs.

Meng Liuxiang was obviously against the idea. Their entry to the peak was already going against her father’s will. Therefore, his collection of herbs would be a monstrous crime.

However, Yin Jiusi insisted that he would not go back empty-handed. All he asked for was only one herb.

Needless to say, the two of them could not reach an agreement, so the heated argument continued.

Meng Liuxiang kept using her father as her excuse to go against Yin Jiusi’s plan, thus infuriating him. “I am the brother of the Devil King. Am I not allowed to collect just a few plants? Furthermore, your father is the regent.”

The lady started talking back recklessly, “Yin Jiusi, you are trying to rise in revolt, aren’t you? I know everything. You are dissatisfied with my father’s governance, so you have been scheming with many officials to have my father dismissed.”

Shocked, Yin Jiusi clearly did not understand. “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Meng Liuxiang sarcastically replied, “Nonsense? Did you really think that you could keep all of this from me? I was only playing dumb all along.”

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