Chapter 2865 Was He Protecting Himself From Someone?

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Gu Xijiu was there early and did not spot Di Fuyi yet. She felt a little guilty about the way she had treated him, so she decided to retrieve the Devil Resisting Herb for him first so that they could enter the Devil Kingdom at once when he arrived.

The Devil Resisting Herb was very precious, but with money, it was easily accessible. Gu Xijiu thought that it would be just like a regular shopping day, but little had she known that every piece of Devil Resisting Herb was already sold out almost everywhere in the city.

Everyone told her the same thing – “All Devil Resisting Herbs had been bought by a mysterious client just two days ago.”

The amount of money offered by the mysterious client was rather remarkable. Therefore, the whole deal went down without any hassle. None of the businessmen hesitated when it came to making good money.

Gu Xijiu could tell that something was not quite right. Nevertheless, it did not change the fact that she still needed the Devil Resisting Herb for Di Fuyi, which was still nowhere to be found at the moment.

Based on her vast knowledge, she knew that the Devil Resisting Herb could be found on a mountain in the vicinity, but the path to get there was perilous. Only people with the power of a Mighty Immortal could enter and collect the herbs.

However, since the Devil Resisting Herb was unavailable in the marketplace, she reckoned that the collectors had exhausted the supply up in the mountain as well. Otherwise, they would have collected enough herbs to replenish the ones that were sold. But searching the markets would seem even more futile for now.

Gu Xijiu carefully weighed her options and decided that she should still venture into the mountain for the herb. After all, the mountain was not too far away from the Devil Kingdom – only a few hundred miles. Also, she was equipped with immunity against the devil aura and could teleport. Therefore, the journey would not take long.

Xionglai Mountain was regarded as the holy mountain in the vicinity, held in high regard by all of the people in the Devil Kingdom. Generally, not all the inhabitants of the Devil Kingdom were well cultured or educated, so the name that was given to the mountain clearly reflected their straightforwardness.

The highest peak of Xionglai Mountain was the only place where the Devil Resisting Herbs were found. The mountain had some of the highest peaks in the kingdom that were all in the same lofty solitude with many ferocious beasts that scavenged for food. Apart from the collectors, no one would risk their lives entering the area.

Surprisingly, she saw that there were hundreds of troops from the Devil Kingdom that were guarding the territory. Therefore, the road to the mountain was blocked – no one could possibly go through the checkpoints.

Surely, they could stop anyone else but not Gu Xijiu. She used her invisibility skill to hide her tracks while she listened to the soldiers’ conversation. That was where she found out that the regent of the Devil Kingdom actually ordered the closure of the mountain. No one was allowed to collect the herbs for a month.

Needless to say, the regent must be the one who had bought all of the Devil Resisting Herbs from the market. Was he protecting himself from someone? Could it be Di Fuyi that he was worried about?

Just spending a few moments eavesdropping the conversations between the soldiers made Gu Xijiu well-informed of the current situation in the Devil Kingdom.

The Devil King was the ruler of the Devil Kingdom, but the power of governance and administration was in the hands of the regent. This regent used to be the right-hand man of the deceased Devil King. Before the Devil King was immortalized, he handed his only son over to the regent so that there was someone to care for the orphan.

As time progressed, the power of governance in the hands of the regent grew stronger, while the Devil King was more or less useless. The current Devil King was a ruler only by name.

Gu Xijiu then recalled her birthday celebration. She remembered that the Devil King came along to celebrate with her, and like everyone else, he invited Di Fuyi to the Devil Kingdom but was turned down. Di Fuyi was unavailable to take up any jobs due to some personal matters.

The regent must be aware of the invitation by the Devil King, so he had to raise his guards high to prevent Di Fuyi from entering the Devil Kingdom. However, the whole operation was a little exaggerated in Gu Xijiu’s opinion.

She continued to observe the troops, but soon, a man and a woman abruptly landed right next to one of the groups of armed men. Dumbstruck, all of them then greeted courteously, “Prince Xiaoyao. Princess Liuxiang.”

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