Chapter 2862 I Refuse To Be Taken Advantage Of Any Longer (4)

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Fan Qianshi was a well-traveled man, so he had made many friends from around the world.

When Gu Xijiu visited, she noticed a few groups of people coming in and out to visit him. These visitors were from different worlds and some of which were elites from where they resided.

Gu Xijiu was quite delighted for her disciple. Although Fan Qianshi had done something that he should not have, she could not deny that he had got the potential to be very successful.

As long as she could erase his emotional entanglement for her, he would be an excellent successor to her role.

Hopefully, his last punishment had made it clear to him where to draw the line.

Gu Xijiu continued to wander around the valley, and before she knew it, she was already in Fan Qianshi’s backyard.

Fan Qianshi was there, but he was not alone. He was with a young lady dressed in light purple who had a lovely face and a distinct devil aura. Gu Xijiu knew about her identity as she was the daughter of the Devil King. Coincidentally, she happened to be the king’s favorite daughter. She was a little young, ignorant, and slightly overbearing. Yet, overall, she was not a bad person by any means. She was known as Yin Mingzhu.

They first crossed paths when Fan Qianshi was in the Devil Kingdom on a business trip. The princess fell in love with him at first sight and began clinging to him like a leech, but the affection was, unfortunately, not mutual. At the time, Fan Qianshi kept trying to stay away from her as he found her affection somewhat troubling and annoying.

Fan Qianshi once talked about it with Gu Xijiu, but she was not quite bothered by such petty matters. A great man would naturally attract the eyes of many women. In fact, she was happy for him.

As soon as Fan Qianshi saw her expression of delight, he turned his head all of a sudden and briskly walked away, leaving Gu Xijiu in a rather awkward situation. She was quite puzzled by the oddity of his behavior back then, thinking that he must have come to his rebellious phase as a teenager. Retrospectively, things made more sense.

The princess visited a few times to see him but was never let in. This time, it would seem that he had he finally let her in, and here they were in Fan Qianshi’s backyard. Had Fan Qianshi changed his mind? This time, Gu Xijiu was interested in finding out more, so she stayed invisible and watched.

The pair seemed to be fighting. Fan Qianshi remained stern, while Yin Mingzhu was obviously annoyed. It did not take too long for Gu Xijiu to get a hold of what was going on. Yin Mingzhu was here to tell Fan Qianshi some news about the Devil Kingdom, which was why he finally allowed her to enter.

Instead of talking about the news that mattered, Yin Mingzhu started bringing up nonsense to Fan Qianshi. She began to talk about how much she missed him, which was annoying to him. Finally, Fan Qianshi could not stand it anymore and asked her to leave. He would only expect her to talk about business matters if she intended to stay.

Yin Mingzhu could not hide the bitterness on her face but was too timid to argue with him, so she told him what he needed to know about the Devil Kingdom. She did not tell him everything, though, because she did not feel appreciated. She used it to make a deal with Fan Qianshi to continually bring him news about the Devil Kingdom only if she was allowed to enter the Tianyin Valley freely.

The information was obviously important to Fan Qianshi, so he soon agreed. However, he also made his stance very clear. No matter what Yin Mingzhu attempted to do, he would not accept her as his partner. She would only be a friend to him.

When Gu Xijiu arrived at the scene, Fan Qianshi had just made himself clear to her. In fact, everything that happened before was based on the speculation that Gu Xijiu made based on their interactions.

In utter disappointment, Yin Mingzhu complained, “Am I not good enough? Do you know that I have turned down many men in the Devil Kingdom because I have feelings for you? Are you in love with someone else? Is it Wu Qianyan?”

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