Chapter 2852 Was He Being Controlled? (4)

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“Where is the rest of the venison?”

“I threw it out.”

The response choked Gu Xijiu! It was such a sin! How on earth could he toss away such a delicious piece of meat!? He could have at least left her a deer’s leg before doing so. The only logical way to explain this was that the man must be really dissatisfied with her. Since she gave him the option, he really did not even leave her with a strand of its hair.

At least there was food in her stomach now so she could focus on other more pressing issues. Although the aura in the ice house was not as good as the aura outside of it, Gu Xijiu could still absorb some of the spiritual energy in the area. Thence, she simply meditated there to try to recoup some of her lost power. As long as she could recover a little bit of her spiritual power, she would be able to remove the spell and free the man.

Nevertheless, it was now more and more difficult for her to absorb spiritual power, so even after sitting for a long time, she only managed to salvage a little bit of her power.

Understandably, Gu Xijiu was a little anxious. If things went on this way, she did not know how long it would take to restore her normal mobility. She did not want to control him for too long, either, so there were many reasons for her to want to regain her energy.

The longer she controlled him, the more he would want to take revenge on her. He might even treat her as his enemy, which was an outcome that Gu Xijiu clearly did not want.

She looked at Di Fuyi and wondered what the man must be thinking about right now. He did not meditate but leaned against one of the ice walls in the house. His eyes fell outside the house, and she did not know what he was thinking about. Was he planning how he would punish her once he was freed?

Sigh. Perhaps, Gu Xijiu had to figure out what she needed to do to compensate him so that he would not take revenge on her.

Di Fuyi seemed to have sensed her intense observation of him, and finally turned his head and looked at her. The look in his eyes seemed a bit cold, but perhaps Gu Xijiu felt that way because she had a guilty conscience. Nevertheless, she could feel the hair all over her body rising. Read more chapter on our

“Di Fuyi, this was my last resort. Once I recover, I will free you from this spell. In fact, it was really my luck that I could meet you here before I passed out. I feel very grateful to you. If I have the opportunity, I will repay you in the future.” Gu Xijiu said sincerely.

“Haha.” Di Fuyi chuckled.

Gu Xijiu’s heart skipped a beat as she looked at him.

Meanwhile, Di Fuyi no longer looked at her but sat down and meditated.

In actuality, Gu Xijiu had a lot of questions to ask him about his life. If she were to ask him those questions while he was under her control, he would definitely reveal everything to her. However, Gu Xijiu did not want to do things this way. In fact, the only reason she controlled him was to ensure her survival. If she went on to exploit his privacy, it would be too unfair!

It was now late into the night, so Gu Xijiu sensed the body but realized that the recovery of her spiritual power was minimal. She actually felt better when she had just woken up in Di Fuyi’s arms. Did being close to him somehow speed up her recovery?

She looked at him and moved closer to him before saying, “Hug me to sleep?”

Di Fuyi did not talk but just opened his arms and placed them around her.He was so obedient! This person could only be so docile when he was under control.

Gu Xijiu had to be thick-faced right now,so she nested herself in his arms. His arms were warm, and a strong scent surrounded his body. True enough, Gu Xijiu really felt that her ability to absorb spiritual power had been strengthened! It really worked!

Gu Xijiu took a light breath as she shifted her body around to find the most comfortable position in his arms so that she could continue to meditate. Nevertheless, once she got down to meditating, she realized that she could not absorb any spiritual energy from her surroundings.

Would it only work if she rested in his arms?She was too weak to do anything else anyway, so she decided to take a nap. She did not expect to really fall asleep, but by the time she opened her eyes, it was already dawn!

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