Chapter 2850 Was He Being Controlled? (2)

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Most of the things in Gu Xijiu’s residence were practical and simple. When she traveled around the place, she could sleep almost anywhere, even in crowded places.

She never thought that a person could live so luxuriously. Even though he was being controlled to build a temporary residence, he still made it so fine. She felt that the interior of the house was like a piece of art!It looked wonderful and pleasing.

This man… Lived like a poem. He was extraordinary! She did not know who would have the blessing of being his wife. However, with his arrogant temper, it should be difficult for him to fall in love.

She retrieved a mirror and looked at herself. Sure enough, she became a little girl now. But this time, it was more outrageous! She looked like a 12 or 13-year-old girl. No wonder it did not seem awkward when she was resting in his arms.

Still, the scene seemed rather strange. This room was warm enough that she would not be frozen even if she slept on the ground. Why would she nestle herself in his arms? And more importantly,how long had she been in a coma? There were a lot of questions Gu Xijiu’s heart, but she could only wait for Di Fuyi to come back to get the answers.

Before Di Fuyi returned, Gu Xijiu encountered a few beasts with sharp fangs and claws! A few roars from them caused tremors to the ground, and soon after, the creatures emerged from the snowstorm. They had heads that resembled a tiger’s, tails of a leopard, and their whole body was white. At that moment, their fangs were exposed, and their eyes were red. Although their bodies were huge, their movements were as agile as cats.

It was as if they could smell the flesh and blood of her body when they rushed directly toward her makeshift ice house!

Gu Xijiu cursed and grabbed the sword beside her. These fierce beasts were the overlords in this glacier. A paw could easily tear a rhino’s skin. A simple wave of their palm could smash a small iceberg!

Although the ice house was beautiful, the ice walls were rather thin and probably too weak to defend against these fierce beasts!

She stood up with her sword, ready to do whatever she could to stay alive. Although she knew that she could not hold the four beasts on her own, it was not her style to sit and wait for death.



The fierce beasts pounded against the ice wall.

Meanwhile, Gu Xijiu held her breath in anticipation. She would stand her ground until they tore through the ice house. But to her surprise, the house did not seem to be affected by the beasts.

Gu Xijiu remained silent but quietly wondered about the nature of the beasts? Were they simply tigers made out of paper? Perhaps, they only looked fierce but were actually useless?

The four beasts were naturally unwilling to leave. They continuously slammed on the walls of the house from the outside but did not get any closer to getting in.

Slowly, the fierce beasts turned more aggressive and violent. Circling the perimeter in search of a weak spot, one of their paws crashed into anice block on the side of the house and shattered it in an instant.

Gu Xijiu was shocked as that clearly indicated that these fierce beasts seemed to be rather strong. So why was it that the ice house could not be penetrated?

She got up and looked around the house but did not see any mechanism that was shielding the place. Moreover, as she already knew, the walls were rather thin. It was perhaps only as thick as a regular brick. Nevertheless, thereseemed to be some sort of barrier outside the house that made it unbreakable.

Gu Xijiu breathed a sigh of relief and sat down again. It became apparent to her that Di Fuyi was a cautious man! Even when being controlled by a spell, he could still build a fortress of a house!

Moments later, another shadow emerged outside the place. It seemed Di Fuyi finally appeared. When the four beasts saw him, they were pleased. They roared and rushed toward him from four directions!

Gu Xijiu was amazed that these fierce beasts knew how to cooperate to surround him!

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