Chapter 2844 The Banishment (2)

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“Not all disciples receive the same approval from the heavens. I actually do not quite understand why he was the only one who did.”

Fan Qianshi had nothing to say. He stood there, feeling as dumb as a piece of wood. It took him a while to break out of the bewilderment he was trapped in. Finally, gentle winds went through the window, tickling his face with the chillness of the night and rescuing him from his preoccupation.

He shifted his body toward her while looking at the woman on the bed. Gu Xijiu’s mind had already deepened into a sound sleep. She looked very innocent, with her cheeks were still blushing in tints of cherry pink. Her long dark eyelashes lightly traced her eyes into two curved lines.

Tantalized by her beauty, he whispered, “Master…”

In that brief second, desire had clouded his mind. He looked at Gu Xijiu intensely, while he bent down towards her. With every second, his body moved closer to Gu Xijiu’s.His lips were almost touching her deliciously supple lips that he had been longing for all this while. But abruptly, her eyes were wide open.

Their eyes met, but the look in her eyes was dead cold. The colorimmediately faded from Fan Qianshi’s face.

Gu Xijiu up from the bed and was obviously furious. She almost pushed Fan Qianshi up against the wall behind him.

“Fan Qianshi, how dare you used the Illusionary Spell on me!? Have you forgotten that I am your master?” Gu Xijiu’s power as the creator of the universe was not to be underestimated. She might be defenseless while she was asleep, but that did not mean that she was unaware of her surroundings.

Admittedly, she did not expect Fan Qianshi to have the courage to use the spell against her. Most importantly, she was not the one who had taught him how to use the Illusionary Spell.

“Damn it, you are still young, and yet you do not know how to behave!” She was infuriated by his crazy attempt to kiss her while she was asleep.

She honestly thought that he had gotten over her. Little did she know that the feelings that he had for her were always there; he just never expressed himself.

Unfortunately, Gu Xijiu could no longer suppress her anger. She waved her hand and struck him, hitting him right onto the wall. He was struck so hard that dust from the wallcovered his entire body.

Fan Qianshi did not use any spell to protect himself; he suffered the full wrath of Gu Xijiu’s anger. As soon as he landed outside, he spat out a mouthful of blood. He knew the severity of his mistake, so he continued to stay on the ground. “Master, I know my mistake. Please punish me. I deserve this,” he pleaded.

The young servants made their way to the scene and saw a rather tense exchange. Dumbstruck, no one knew what had happened. They had never seen her trembling in such a manner before.

All of them kneeled on the ground, begging for her to calm down. But Gu Xijiu was unable to hold back her anger. To be more specific, it was her disappointment at the man.She had high expectations for Fan Qianshi. Apart from his inclinations for fame and power, he was a considerably good candidate to be her successor.

It was reasonable for the creator of the universe to chase after power and influence, as long as he or she remained kind-hearted and compassionate for all. There really was not much time left for her. She thought she had already found a successor to her role, so she really did put in a lot of effort to teach and guide him, but he turned out to be a disappointment after using the Illusionary Spell on her while she was drunk.

Severe punishment was unavoidable so that he could learn from his terrible mistake.

“Fan Qianshi, from now on, you will no longer be my disciple. Now, leave!” Gu Xijiu issued an ultimatum.

Fan Qianshi trembled with a dumbfounded look on his face. “Master, you may punish me, kill me, or even dismember me if you have to, but please do not banish me, I beg you.” Fan Qianshi found himself kneeling on the ground while pleading for forgiveness. Desperately, he wanted to hug Gu Xijiu’s legs, but the idea of another physical contact intimidated him.

Gu Xijiu did not answer him. Instead, she tossed him even further away. The impact was so profound that Fan Qianshi lost consciousness for a while. When he got up, he found himself on the field outside of the Tianyin Valley.

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