Chapter 2843 The Banishment

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Fan Qianshi was moved. “Master, I am your disciple. I have always wanted for you to become my master ever since we first met.”

He quickly reflected on their past encounters and softly said, “I was young and naïve. I knew I could trust you, but I was too arrogant to admit it. I wanted to be asked. I liked it when people begged for me to accept their offer, but you were different. Before I found out about your identity, I secretly hoped that you would ask me again to become your disciple, like everyone else.”

He talked about the past and sighed in relief.

“Am I not good enough? Do you know that there are many who wish to become my disciple? I have never agreed to any of them.”

Amused, he thought that his reluctance had left a mark in her heart, for he knew that Gu Xijiu was telling the truth. From time to time, the rulers of all six worlds would send her some children who were deemed to be talented. They wanted her toselect them as candidates to become her disciple. Due to her strict selections, most of them were sent back. Some begged to stay, even as her servants. Due to the lack of manpower in the Tianyin Valley, eventually, a dozen children stayed behind. Occasionally, she would teach them some moves that would benefit them in many ways.

Fan Qianshi looked at Gu Xijiu with proudness and gratitude in his eyes. He thought that he was her only disciple, and he would very much like it to stay that way. But suddenly, Gu Xijiu murmured,“Di Fuyi…”

Fan Qianshi was greatly surprised.

“Di Fuyi, Tian Mowen or Jiayi? Which is your real name?”

Fan Qianshi had no words.

“Is it really embarrassing for you to become my disciple? You see, I have never told anyone that you are my disciple in the past 20 years. So why must you insist that we break off this agreement?” Gu Xijiu was still trapped in the depths of her dream.

The news definitely came as a shocking realization to Fan Qianshi.

“Master, what are you saying? Was Di Fuyi once your disciple as well?” He asked in a trembling voice while eagerly waiting for an answer.

He had to use a spell on her that would make her tell the truth, even in her dreams.

Normally, he would never find the courage to do so. After all, Gu Xijiu’s kung fu was many times stronger than his, so there was no way he could charm her with the spell. Furthermore, he would not risk getting beaten up. But right now, desperate times called for desperate measures.

“He refused it,” Gu Xijiu murmured.

Fan Qianshi started clenching his fist in irritation. “Why does he refuse to acknowledge you? If he is really reluctant, how did the agreement even happen?” The color from his face started fading.

“It all started with a joke and a bet.”

Fan Qianshi had to take a deep breath before continuing. “Master, you can easily have anyone become your disciple, so why must you force the man? If he is really against it, you can just banish him!”

“I… I cannot do so. The agreement was assigned to me by the heavens, so I cannot banish him, or we will both be punished by a catastrophe.”

Fan Qianshi was speechless. He did not understand anything that she just said.

“Master, do you really need the heavens’ approval before accepting a disciple? Have I got the same approval?”

“No, you have not,” she answered honestly while shaking her head.

Fan Qianshi was devastated. “I am your only disciple, and yet I have not been approved by the heavens.” He refused to believe it.

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