Chapter 2841 A Dramatic Birthday Celebration (2)

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No one knew that the National Master-cum-Celestial Official was not only great in his political career but also an outstanding craftsman. The supreme quality of the intricate details of the jewelry set was a marvel to behold.

Many eyes were focused on Di Fuyi, mostly in surprise and adoration. Some still refused to believe him.

The hall was so quiet that everyone could hear Tushan Ying sighing. “I did not know that you intended to use my family heirloom for crafting purposes. I thought you were going to use it to mend the sky.”

Her voice was soft, almost like a whisper. However, it was still loud enough for the entire hall of quiet people to hear.

“What do you mean?” Gu Xijiu asked.

Tushan Ying first looked at Di Fuyi, but he remained expressionless. He did seem to want to stop her from explaining herself. “Divine Lord, I used to have a great piece of jade in my family, known for its ability to mend the sky a long, long time ago. The jade is enriched in the essence and spiritual energy of heaven and earth, thus unifying the greatness of all five elements in one, making the jade a source of spiritual energy. Even if a place is highly depleted in spiritual energy, its presence alone can enhance the energy in the area.”

Everyone was stunned, for they did not know that the jade was actually a goldmine of spiritual energy. To them, the source of spiritual energy was the force that sustained their survival. Many people had looked everywhere in search of a steady source of spiritual energy, which also became the cause of many wars between different kingdoms.

With the jewelry, there was no need for her to look for another source of spiritual energy.

Those who were sensitive to the presence of spiritual energy could already feel the power lingering in the air. “There seems to be a great increase of spiritual energy in the hall.” Even in a changed form, the set of jade jewelry still had the same power to fill the air with immense energy.

Many people began looking at the jewelry in utter admiration. If the jewelry were not in the hands of Gu Xijiu, some of them would already be fighting with one another to own it.

Still surprised, Gu Xijiu gazed at Di Fuyi in astonishment. “Did you make these especially for me?”

With a smile, Di Fuyi carefully avoided the question. “Do you like it?” He asked, instead.

“I do.”

“That is all that matters. Promise me one thing – the set of jewelry will be yours to keep,” he suddenly said via directed audio.

Gu Xijiu somehow knew what he would say so. She looked at him in the eye and answered, “What is it that you want in return? Should I take back our agreement as master and disciple?”

Di Fuyi gently nodded. “You should know how helpful these jade pieces are to you. With these, you can skip your annual trip to the glacier. By wearing the jewelry consistently for twelve hours, you will get the same health benefits of spending one whole day in the glacier. If you place these in the Tianyin Valley, it will also strengthen the wizardry barrier to the point where it is indestructible. As long as you take back the agreement, the whole set will be yours.”

The offer was rather tempting, so for that, Gu Xijiu agreed. “Are you really that reluctant to become my disciple? I know that you do not wish for anyone to know of it, so I have never told anyone. I have never used the controlling spell on you either.”

She was quite hurt by his rejection, actually. “There would not be any downside for you if you become a disciple of mine. Why are you so against it?”

“Divine Lord, an agreement can only be reached when both parties agree to it. Why do you keep forcing me to agree to something I am unwilling to accept?” Di Fuyi looked at her sternly.

Gu Xijiu took a moment to think about his offer. She knew the gift was enough to show how sincere he was, but she could not fulfill his request. She then sealed the box away.

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