Chapter 2839 A Dramatic Reencounter (8)

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Wu Qianyan did not find Di Fuyi appealing as well. She had no scruples about her feelings toward him and casually added, “As the National Master of the Celestial Kingdom, why didn’t you come with the Emperor Immortal? Isn’t it inappropriate to come later than the Emperor Immortal himself?”

Usually, the emperor or the king’s men would either arrive first or together with their leader, but never later. In fact, Di Fuyi’s delay was quite disrespectful to the Emperor Immortal.

Wu Qianyan had a point, but Di Fuyi was not concerned about it. Instead, he took a glance at the Emperor Immortal to see if he had anything to add.

The Emperor Immortal knew that he had to say something to dissolve the awkwardness. “He… He quit his position as the National Master almost six months ago. He is not one of us now.”

This announcement came as a shocking revelation to the crowd who were unaware of this change in status. All of them wanted him to stand by their respective kingdoms as a talent like Di Fuyi was hard to come by.

Tushan Ying was the first to voice her interest. All of a sudden, her back pain was no longer an issue. She cordially invited him to come by the Monster Kingdom, as the position as the Celestial Officer had always been his for the taking.

Others from the Underworld, the Devil Kingdom, and the Mortal World chimed in eagerly. In order to persuade him, all of them started sharing about the good sides of where they came from. It then became a rather heated debate.

Fan Qianshi was quite annoyed. Was Tian Mowen here to ruin the party? It was supposed to be a birthday celebration for the god of creation, but the center of attention had been shifted to the newcomer instead.

He took a look at Gu Xijiu, who was still in her high chair. “Master, should we send the troublesome man away?” He directed an audio to her.

With her chin rested on one hand, Gu Xijiu casually answered, “Not necessary. He is considered as our guest.”

Eventually, Di Fuyi had to cease the violent exchange of diverging views with a clap. “Everyone, I am here to wish the Divine Lord happy birthday. If you’d like to keep arguing, please do it outside.”

There was a sense of authority in his voice that made it sound quite intimidating. A long pause immediately followed. Nevertheless, in order to please him, they all pretended as if nothing had happened and went on with some fake laughs. They claimed that they were only inviting Mr. Fuyi over to their kingdoms as a guest and not for business purposes. Instantly, they stopped arguing with one another and apologized to Gu Xijiu.

Politely, Gu Xijiu waved her hand to dismiss it. And just like that, the place was once again filled with only joy and laughter. All but forFan Qianshi, who was still not happy. He had a feeling that Mr. Fuyi was not here to join the birthday celebration but to hold a demonstration. Was he trying to show the Divine Lord how popular he was? Alarmed, Fan Qianshi was suddenly alert of the potential danger.

Di Fuyi had successfully established his popularity in two different kingdoms. Slowly but surely, he would unite the people of all six worlds and emerge as their ruler, like an uncrowned king. There was a chance that he would surpass his master if he kept this up.

Annoyed by the thought, he made a promise to himself that he would never see it happen. The only ruler of all six worlds was the creator of the universe, not the man who he loathed on sight.

Di Fuyi looked at Gu Xijiu and presented her with a brocade box. “Divine Lord, I hereby wish you a happy birthday. The gift is a little something from me; I hope you like it.”

The brocade box was very eye-catching, so the people around them immediately assumed that the item in the box was something valuable.

On the other hand, Gu Xijiu felt troubled at the sight of him. She could tell that Mr. Fuyi did not show up out of the blue for nothing. He must be working on something, though she had yet to figure it out.

He was still waiting for her to accept the gift, so she asked Fan Qianshi to take it. Reluctantly, Fan Qianshi stepped forward.

Di Fuyi, however, backed up instead. “Divine Lord, this gift is of immeasurable value, so I do not wish to see it getting in someone else’s hands. Please accept the gift personally.”

Fan Qianshi was clearly angered. “Tian Mowen, you are out of line. The Divine Lord did not even accept the Emperor Immortal’s gift personally.”

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