Chapter 2837 A Dramatic Reencounter (6)

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Yan Qing was at a total loss for words. “Who… Who did you buy it for?” The bracelet was clearly too feminine for him to wear.

In an instant, Di Fuyi gave the bracelet a flick and shattered it into many tiny pieces. “I bought this because I’d like to hear the sound of it getting shattered.” He then turned and swiftly left.

His action had left Yan Qing and the owner speechless.

Gu Xijiu ended up choosing a pink translucent bracelet with a smooth texture. Its faint shades of scarlet complemented her fair skin rather well. The bracelet was a gift from Fan Qianshi, who had spent his entire savings of spiritual pearls on it.

He was happy to see the bracelet on Gu Xijiu’s wrist and was finally able to put the previous bitter encounters behind him.

Just like any other girl, Wu Qianyan would not object to the idea of jewelry as well. She was there with Gu Xijiu and Fan Qianshi all day long. When she saw the pink bracelet dangling on Gu Xijiu’s wrist, she, too, wished she had one, but she never showed any interest.

She looked around the jewelry shop and found a small jade hairpin that she actually liked, but the ridiculously high price scared her off. Quietly, she touched her empty purse and immediately realized that she would never be able to afford the bracelet in her lifetime. Nevertheless, before Gu Xijiu made the payment, she asked the owner to pack for the jade hairpin as well.

At first, Wu Qianyan thought that Gu Xijiu liked the hairpin as well and had bought it for herself. Without batting an eyelid, she decided to remain silent, though she was quite disappointed on the inside. When everything was paid for, Gu Xijiu waved at her and said, “Come here.”

Wu Qianyan did not know why her master had called for her, but she approached Gu Xijiu regardless. “Master,” she addressed Gu Xijiu.

Gu Xijiu turned Wu Qianyan’s body around so that she could put the hairpin in her hair. “This hairpin suits you quite well. I am giving this to you as a gift,” she said while examining the outcome.

Delightfully, Wu Qianyan thanked Gu Xijiu for her kindness! She then turned to look at Fan Qianshi, hoping that he would pay her a compliment. But to her dismay, Fan Qianshi only threw her a quick glance and commented harshly, “It is incompatible.”

She was not sure what he actually meant by the word ‘incompatible.’ Nonetheless, she trusted her intuitions, which told her that he was implying that the bracelet was too elegant for her to carry. After all, they had spent enough time together for her to understand his thoughts. There was a glimpse of disappointment in Wu Qianyan’s eyes, but she soon got over it.

Gu Xijiu took a look at Fan Qianshi and shook her head. The boy had always been quite harsh on Wu Qianyan. He especially enjoyed it every time he knocked her down, to the point where he was basically tearing her up. The silly girl, however, still liked to stick around with him.

“What a pair of troubled friends,” Gu Xijiu thought.

She actually wanted to match them up but had a feeling that it would not end well. Marriage could not be built without a common ground, so instead of injecting them with false hopes, she would like them to take their steps slowly and develop feelings for one another over time.

For the past twenty years, Fan Qianshi’s behavior had been acceptable enough. What he had for Gu Xijiu was nothing short of respect. Furthermore, he did not cross any lines.

Gu Xijiu used to hold a strong guard against him, but slowly, she became more comfortable around him when she realized that he was no longer trying to woo her. Relieved, she was happy that the boy finally cleared his head. When she finally felt that it was time to move forward, she decided that it was time to take them both on a trip around all six worlds.

When Fan Qianshi was 18, Gu Xijiu once sent him out for missions alone. He was assigned with challenges of varying difficulties, but he could always accomplish them with flying colors, which made Gu Xijiu proud.

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated, regardless of race. And when a person was highly respected in the society, their birthday celebration would naturally become an important date to be remembered.

Gu Xijiu had walked the earth since the beginning of time, long enough for her to forget many things through the course of time. Although she no longer remembered when her birthday actually was, the kings from all six worlds and her disciples still insisted on celebrating her birthday. Firstly, the celebration served as an opportunity for a reunion. And secondly, they wanted to be closer to the creator of the universe.

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