Chapter 2829 I Am Reluctant To Explain Everything That I Do (2)

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Even if there was any punishment, he was not worried. He was willing to take the risk to regain his freedom, even if that meant depleting half of his spiritual power.

In fact, it was Gu Xijiu who seemed more troubled. “I am worried…” The catastrophe would usually be harmless for a celestial or divine being. However, her health was obviously not at its finest. She might get killed by the heavenly lightning if struck.

She could not tell him the truth, but Di Fuyi already knew what she was thinking. He said sarcastically, “As a Divine Lord, are you really worried about a few streaks of lightning?”

Gu Xijiu insisted on keeping her deterioration as a secret. She could not tell him that she was already dying, albeit slowly. “I have my own reasons. I hereby reassure you that I will not use my status as your master to make you do anything. If you are reluctant to announce it publicly, we can keep this between us. Also, I will stop using the controlling spell.” This was the best she could do.

Filled with guilt, she decided to give him a little something in return. She then took out a shiny, purplish pill from her storage bag. “This is the Marrow Washing Purple pill. Take one pill, and it will fuel your spiritual power, equivalent to a thousand yearsworth of cultivation.”

There was only one pill left, as it was produced from an extremely rare kind of herb from almost tens of thousands of years ago. She did not remember most of the things in her distant past, but the pill had made a profound impression on her as its production was a rather tricky process, thus making it so valuable. She had been through a terrible time trying to produce the pill.

Only under three strict conditions could the pill be produced. Firstly, she needed to channel her full strength to create a steady flow of firepower. Secondly, all kinds of rare herbs were required in the process. Lastly, she must have the right alchemy skills to produce the pill.

As of this moment, she had the skills, but not the strength. She did not even have the herbs anymore. Therefore, this pill was the only one left. It was impossible to get more.

Gu Xijiu cherished the pill very much as it could help to increase one’s spiritual power by a tremendous scale. In fact, it could also resurrect the dead as long as the person was not dead for more than three days.

The pill was her last hope, in case she needed more time to organize her passing when her life was almost coming to an end. With the pill, she estimated that she could extend her lifespan for at least three to five years. But now, she was giving away the pill as a gift.

Before Gu Xijiu even had the time to explain the nature of the pill, it was simply dismissed by Di Fuyi from her hand. “I do not care.”

He pushed it hard, so the pill went flying across the air. Unfortunately, it landed in moving water so as soon as it touched the water, it vanished completely.

Shocked, Gu Xijiu teleported to the river. Sadly, it was too late for Gu Xijiu to get the pill. She was the one who made the pill, so she knew it would dissolve as soon as it was in contact with water. Even if she jumped into the water, there would be nothing left for her to trace.

Thence, she had just lost something of great value to her. Trembling, she glared at him furiously. “You! How could you!”

Di Fuyi seemed even more annoyed, so he answered in an unfriendly manner. “Are you trying to make me surrender my freedom for this pill? Never!” He could not care less and decided to leave right away.

Gu Xijiu could not say anything much to defend herself. She paused for a moment before heaving a sigh. Later, she sat calmly on a snow-capped rock and started contemplating. The pill was not even meant to exist, so perhaps its disappearance was destined. But his exaggeration certainly came as a surprise to her.She would not have forced him to become her disciple in the first place if she knew this was going to happen.

“What a regret,” she thought remorsefully.

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